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7 Summer Body Workout & Eating Tips

Summer brings many fun activities but it does mean falling back into patterns of weight gain. Besides, you can still lose weight during the summer with these weight loss tips!

7 Summer Body Workout & Eating Tips

Summer brings many fun activities, which may make it challenging to stick to a regular workout schedule and diet.

But enjoying summer does not have to mean falling back into patterns of weight gain. Besides, you can still lose weight with these seven weight loss tips sure to keep you on track during any event!

How to Lose Weight in Summer

Lose weight lose in the summer by exercising outdoors safely eating a balanced diet. What's more, this can be achieved while still enjoying favorite summer activities and treats!

1. Exercise Outdoors

Think workouts are confined to an indoor gym? Think again!

Enjoy both the warm sun and exercise this summer with these 11 outdoor exercise ideas! Fun ways to get active include swimming, kayaking, hiking, and trail running.

You can also tackle a quick high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout outdoors. HIIT is a full-body workout often completed in less than 30 minutes. It combines strength training with cardio, with intensive bouts of movements to elevate heart rate and stimulate the muscles.

It is important, though, to be cautious in the summer heat. The sun can be harmful if not careful. Use these tips to stay safe when exercising outdoors:

• Avoid working out in the middle of the day, which tends to also be the warmest. Exercise in the morning and evening hours when the sun is not as strong.

• Wear loose and light-colored clothing that can reflect the sun and keep you cooler.

• Apply sunscreen to protect from sunburn and skin cancer. Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a 30 SPF minimum.

• Consider a sports drink to replenish electrolytes that are lost in sweat. Electrolytes keep the body working efficiently and reduce the risk of muscle cramps, headaches, and nausea.

• Stay hydrated when exercising. Regular exercisers and athletes should drink 16 ounces of water leading up to the activity. Drink six to 12 ounces prior to exercise and every 15 to 20 minutes of active training, too.

2. Stay Hydrated

Water is not only vital during exercise, but for weight loss and overall health.

Staying hydrated fosters a good metabolism by supplying the body's cells with nutrients from foods and aid in digestion.

Hunger is also often mistaken for thirst. This poses the chance to fuel up on unnecessary, extra calories. So rather than running to the kitchen for food, grab a glass of water.

Drinking a glass before and during meals helps moderate portions, too. It further lowers the risk of overeating or desiring a second a plate of food.

Easy tips to drink more water daily include:

• Use larger cups for greater water intake, also choosing a cup easy to fill and carry.

• Take advantage of flavor enhancers and make your water taste better.

• Make the task more convenient, such as drinking a glass while waiting for the coffee to brew.

• Order water at restaurants, which is often free of charge and calories compared to soft drinks.

3. Drink Alcohol Wisely

Summer often brings summer cocktails, which tend to be laden in sugar and calories. But enjoying a beverage with friends is not off the table. However, it is important to drink wisely.

Standard drinking sizes include 12 ounces of beer, 5 ounces of wine, and 1.5 ounces of hard liquor. Also, opt for healthier drinks instead of sugary cocktails. These options are not only delicious but hardly fall over 100 calories per serving:

Guilt-free frozen strawberry margarita

• Tequila and seltzer on the rocks with a squirt of fresh lemon juice

Fizzy blueberry mint drink

Sugar-free mint julep

4. Bring Physical Activity Indoors

Too warm outside or raining? Do not let the weather discourage a workout and bring it indoors.

There are numerous ways to be active inside. Here are some ideas to get you started:

• Hit the weights for strength training

• Try out a new yoga studio

• Complete this full-body Tabata workout at home

• Schedule a cycling class

• Workout to an exercise video

• Walk at the mall for 30 minutes

5. Bring Healthy Food Choices to Summer Parties

Diet should be a top priority of a summer weight loss plan. However, it can be easy to fall off the wagon at summer parties filled with calorie-rich foods.

However, bring healthier choices to summer parties. You may even be surprised to know other guests appreciate having these options! Some ideas include salads, grilled vegetables, and fruit-based desserts.


So-called "salads" at summer BBQs tend to be mayo-based, including pasta and potato salads. Tidy up the innate nutritional value of salads with these delicious options:

• Leafy green salad: Give salad greens a quick rinse then slice up fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, and onions. Ditch packaged croutons and offer crunch with toasted nuts and seeds. Top with a light dressing, such as a vinaigrette, or olive oil, vinegar, and lemon juice.

Mediterranean quinoa salad: This quinoa salad is inspired by Mediterranean ingredients, including artichoke hearts, olives, sun-dried tomatoes, and basil. It is also rich in plant-based protein and fiber, two nutrients sure to keep you satisfied.

Dill cucumber salad: Quick and simple, this dill cucumber salad is a light option all guests will enjoy. The salad also uses Greek yogurt over mayo, which reduces fat content and offers protein.

Grilled Vegetables

Vegetables are an essential part of a weight loss plan and a balanced diet. And grilling vegetables adds a hint of smokiness and extra flavor to the season's best vegetables.

So try to keep bell peppers, zucchini, carrots, eggplant, asparagus and garlic on hand for a tasty treat everyone will enjoy. This grilled vegetable salad with herb dressing also overflows with flavor!

Fruit-Based Desserts

The dessert table may be tempting, but not all offered treats need to be filled with refined flour and added sugar. Instead, bring nature's candy to the dessert table, including:

• Banana sundaes with low-fat ice cream

• Grilled pineapple with rum and pecans

• Fresh watermelon

• Grilled peaches lightly drizzled with honey

• Frozen sweet cherries topped onto Greek yogurt

6. Focus On Nutrition, But Allow an Occasional Temptation

Eating nutrient-dense foods should be the primary focus of a healthy diet. This often includes whole grains, fruits, veggies, lean proteins, and healthy fat sources.

However, this does not mean forking up all summertime treats. But it does not mean freely eating them, either. Use the helpful tips below to enjoy favorite foods throughout the summer and during all seasons.

Nourish the Body First

Instead of going for a big bowl of ice cream, choose good nutrition first to nourish the body appropriately.

Start by filling up the meal plate with fiber-filled veggies and an available protein-packed source. The combo of fiber and protein helps induce satiety and lower the risk of overeating.

After the body is nourished, then allow yourself for that ice cream you have been eyeballing. Continue practicing the concepts of moderation and mindful eating, too.

Distinguish Between Hunger and a Craving

But before heading to the dessert table, question the intention. Ask yourself, "Am I wanting it because it is available?" and recognize if you are actually feeling hungry or facing a craving.

Cravings are often the psychological desire for those so-called "comfort foods." Hunger, on the other hand, is often not exclusive to one food and people likely feel satisfied after eating. If left unmanaged, hunger results in a growling stomach, headache, and loss of energy.

If truly feeling hungry, do not try to alleviate hunger with sweet treats. Doing so supplies empty and extra calories while likely leaving the body unsatisfied.

Allow Space Between Temptations

Again, you may be reaching for a treat because it is readily available. Instead of going for those treats, allow space between temptations.

This may mean sitting further away from the snack and dessert tables. And again, filling up on nutritious foods likewise reduces temptation risk.

Watch Portion Sizes

Whether enjoying chips and salsa or ice cream, watch portion sizes. Doing so helps ensure adequate nutrition whilst keeping calories in check.

Control portions for real weight loss by:

• Drinking water before and with meals.

• Swapping large plates with smaller ones.

• Splitting restaurant meals with someone or box the other half for tomorrow's lunch.

• Comparing portions to day-to-day objects to better visualize true portions.

• Taking the time to "work for your food," including by peeling oranges and de-shelling nuts.

• Scoping the buffet and making a mental game plan before loading up the plate.

• Skipping out on the restaurant freebies, including the chip and bread baskets.

7. Try Out a Diet Delivery Program

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