Meet Our People - About our fabulous bistroMD team
At bistroMD, our people work together to combine our love for great-tasting real food, with the unique knowledge that food is medicine. We believe that healthy food can prevent many of today's most prevalent health problems. To us, food is the best kind of medicine.
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Chef Scott

First from left

With over 20 years of culinary experience, Chef Scott brings his unique skills and his expertise to the kitchen to create each entree for bistroMD. A chef with an entrepreneurial spirit, Chef Scott is also passionate about health. He ensures that every entree created for bistroMD meets the company's standards for sensational taste and nutritional quality. He also works closely with our chefs and our Foodie, Ed, to develop new recipes for new entrees. With a strong background in custom product development, Scott is always collaborating with the rest of our chefs to innovate new ways to prepare entrees that are both healthy and delicious.


Nicole Hartwick, RD

Second from left

Nicole Hartwick, a Registered Dietitian, graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Vermont with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nutrition & Food Science and Dietetics. Nicole chose a career in nutrition because of her interest in helping others live a healthy lifestyle. Nicole's goal is to educate others on healthy eating habits to promote long-term weight management.For many years, she has worked side-by-side with The M.D., Caroline, to develop the nutritional foundation for bistroMD. Her passion is to empower others to achieve dietary goals that can be maintained for a lifetim


Darlene Adkins, Customer Service

Third from left

As our member services manager, Darlene loves working with each bistroMD member to give them the best experience possible. Darlene has been with the company since the beginning, helping our Foodie, Ed, and The M.D., Caroline, build the bistroMD brand into the thought leader in virtual weight management. Darlene has a passion for helping each of our members understand how much of an impact the right kind of food can have on improving your life. Working with the company for over ten years, Darlene is passionate about the integrity of our team and truly believes that healthy, real food can lead to life-transforming wellness.


Christy Shatlock, MS/RD

Fourth from left

Ever since she was young, Christy has always been interested in the makings of a healthy lifestyle. Christy is one of our lead Registered Dietitians, with a Bachelor's Degree in Dietetics, and a Masters in Food and Nutrition. With years of nutritional expertise, Christy works directly with The M.D., Caroline, to ensure the principles of her nutritional foundation are being me in every bistroMD entree.Christy also interacts frequently with bistroMD members, and provides one-on-one consultation and support. She also works closely with our chefs and dietitians to ensure all entrees are nutritionally balanced, and that they meet our standards for sourcing clean ingredients.


Sarah Asay, RD

Fifth from left

Sarah Asay is a Registered Dietitian, and simply put, a true fan of food. While attending Purdue University and obtaining Bachelor of Science degrees in Dietetics and also in Nutrition, Fitness and Health, Sarah further developed her passion for food and gained a strong notion that food serves as both medicine and prevention to many disease states. Sarah works directly with our chefs and kitchens to create flavorful entrees that meet the nutritional science set forth by, The M.D., Caroline. She upholds bistroMD product standards and enjoys researching new products available in the food market, to ensure only the highest quality ingredients are utilized in your entrees. Sarah partners with vendors and farmers who share the same love of food and love of land as bistroMD.


Ed Cederquist, Foodie and CEO

Sixth from left

The Foodie and CEO of bistroMD, Ed is all too familiar with the struggles that come with weight loss. An avid fan of healthy cooking and a passion for helping others inspired Ed to found bistroMD with his wife, The M.D. Ed works directly with our chefs. He travels the globe in search of inspiration, and returns with recipes that he and our chefs turn into tasty and healthy works of art. Ed also works with our dietitians to ensure that each delicious entree upholds the nutritional foundation, developed by his wife, The M.D.


Caroline J. Cederquist, M.D.

Seventh from left

Also known as The M.D., Caroline J. Cederquist has spent her life's work helping patients achieve healthy weight loss, through her years of clinical practice as a weight loss physician. Her understanding of what nutrition your body needs in order to achieve healthy weight loss, inspired her and her husband, The Foodie, to create bistroMD. Caroline wanted to provide her patients, and others struggling with weight, the ability to easily prepare healthy and delicious entrees at home. In addition to her one-on-one work with patients, Caroline is a past Trustee for the American Board of Bariatric Physicians, and has appeared as a weight loss expert on several nationally known talk shows, including Dr. Phil.


Sean Wells, DTP, ATC/L, NSCA CPT

Eigth from left

Sean helps our members incorporate physical activity and structured exercise into their busy lives. As our fitness expert, he brings his background as a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Board Certified Orthopaedic Specialist, Licensed Athletic Trainer and NSCA Strength and Conditioning Specialist to the knowledge base of experts at bistroMD. An avid researcher, Sean understands not only the health benefits of exercise, but also how eating a healthy diet can increase the quality and length of your life. Sean has provided coverage for major national sporting events as an athletic trainer. Whether you are just starting out or comfortable at the gym, through bistroMD you'll receive real world exercise advice that fits your lifestyle


Adriana Kinn, ARNP

Ninth from left

Adriana C. Kinn, ARNP, has made it her life's work improving the health of others. A graduate from Vanderbilt University with a Master of Science in Nursing, Adriana has advanced clinical training in weight management, preventative medicine, and science-based medical treatment. Adriana has worked with The M.D., Caroline, for over ten years. Her experience and pursuit of evidence-based methods of improving overall health and wellness have proved invaluable in improving the quality of life for members of bistroMD. Adriana lends her knowledge and expertise to bistroMD by providing their people with insights into medical management to better help guide members toward life-transforming wellness.


Chef Krishna

Tenth from left

Born and raised in Antigua, Chef Krishna, or Chef K as we call him, has had a passion for food since he was a very young boy. Chef K has created fantastic culinary masterpieces across the country, serving as Executive Chef and Executive Corporate Chef for many local restaurants as well as national food distributors. He is also a member of the American Culinary Association. Chef K has a very unique culinary background, bringing distinct ingredients to our entrees inspired by Mediterranean, Moroccan, and Middle-Eastern cuisine. He works directly with our Foodie, Ed, to ensure that every prepared entree follows bistroMD's nutritional foundation and standards for flavor and superior taste.


Chef Jack

Eleventh from left

A graduate of Johnson and Wales University, Chef Jack has been rewarded for his culinary achievements, including Chef of the Year. Jack is always on the edge of the latest culinary trends, bringing his skills and fresh attitude to each and every bistroMD entree. His love of great-tasting, real food is expressed through everything created in our kitchen. Chef Jack works with all of our chefs at bistroMD to create healthy and delicious recipes. He frequently works with our Foodie, Ed, and our Registered Dietitians to ensure that every single ingredient put into our entrees contains the right taste and nutritional quality.

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About Our Team

Before each entree is delivered, it starts with a spark of culinary inspiration from our Foodie, Ed. This spark is then shared with our award-winning chefs and our Registered Dietitians. Good food isn't just defined by taste. Good food should also be of good quality, which means we constantly work together toward gathering the finest quality traceable and environmentally-responsible ingredients.

Collaboratively, our people work to bring this spark to life. Each entree goes through many tastings and nutritional evaluations to make sure that the principles of our science, developed by The M.D, Caroline Cederquist, and that our standards for taste, developed by our Foodie, are upheld. The final result is healthy and delicious entrees created through our unique cultivation of teamwork, creativity and integrity.

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