The bistroMD Affiliate Program

Join us on the weight loss journey by promoting bistroMD.
Come be a part of our quickly expanding affiliate program and earn commissions by promoting bistroMD products through your company or personal website. At bistroMD, our people work together to combine our love for great-tasting real food, with the unique knowledge that food is medicine. We believe that healthy food can prevent many of today's most prevalent health problems. To us, food is the best kind of medicine. The types of Internet businesses that make great affiliate partners include diet review websites, fitness and wellness websites, bloggers, content creators, influencers, and many more. If you're interested in joining our affiliate program, Please click below!

How the Program Works

Marketing Assets

Gain access to our library of marketing creative and assets to customize a promotion that fits both bistroMD and your audience.

Competitive Terms

Earn commissions based on promoting to your audience via your website, social media, or newsletter. We value our affiliate partners' efforts in driving sales and make sure we compensate for going the extra mile.

Smart Tracking

Powered by Impact, our affiliate program uses smart tracking to make sure you get a fair payout with a competitive rate.

Commonly Asked Questions

What are your program terms?

We offer both a flat rate of $20, and custom commission rates depending on the type of promotion your site offers. The referral period is set by default to 30 days, with a monthly payout.

How are sales attributed or counted?

We work off an improved last-click attribution, as well as only credit partners who are running approved adds and are within our program. Sign up to learn more!

Are there requirements to be an Affiliate?

BistroMD reviews all affiliate applications and their associated websites. We reserve the right to review, deny, or accept any application for any reason. We do NOT accept sites that include or promote violence, drugs, obscene gestures, or language.

Do I have to pay to be an Affiliate?

Nope! Joining our affiliate program is totally free. All we need is for you to sign up through Impact, and then apply to our program.