The Only Doctor Designed Gluten Free Meal Delivery Program

What Makes the Gluten Free Program Different

100% Gluten Free

Our gluten free program excludes all meals and snacks that have wheat, rye and barley. Each of our kitchens is USDA certified and inspected. This means we follow all sanitation and allergen separation regulations for both
storage of ingredients as well as cooking and cleaning. In addition, we test each batch for gluten to ensure it meets the FDA standards of 20ppm or less. 

Made Simple

We never use synthetic gluten substitutes - only natural ingredients with real flavor. Whether you have gluten sensitivities or celiac disease, you know the struggle of planning, shopping, and the special meal prep that accompanies a gluten free lifestyle. BistroMD's gluten free weight loss program takes the work and worry off your plate. Choose from over 100 delicious, gluten free meals!

Designed for Weight Loss

We understand that your ability to manage food sensitivities, possibly while also attempting to lose weight, is affected by factors such as your age, hormonal changes, genetics, yo-yo dieting, and even stress. These factors make it easy for your body to gain weight, but can also make it very difficult to lose. Our program focuses on correcting your dysfunctional metabolism so that your body not only sheds excess fat - it keeps it off as well.

Your Gluten Free Menu

Your weekly menu of gluten-free meals is designed for weight loss results. We do the heavy lifting for you, so you don't have to worry about counting calories or creating your own balanced menu. Simply customize to your liking using the dietitian's recommendations for you.

The Nutrition: Daily Calories & Macronutrients

Compare how the Gluten Free program stacks up against the other bistroMD programs. (Hint: the key difference is the exclusion of gluten!)

Macronutrients per plan:
Signature Diabetic Gluten Free Menopause Heart Healthy
Calories 1200 - 1400 1200 - 1400 1200 - 1400 1200 - 1400 1200 - 1400
Protein 40% 40% 40% 40% 40%
Carbohydrates 30% <25g of net
carbs per meal
30% <25g of net
carbs per meal
Total Fat 30% 30% 30% 30% 30%
Saturated Fat <6g per meal <6g per meal <6g per meal <6g per meal <3.5g per meal
Sodium 2000 - 2300mg 2000 - 2300mg 2000 - 2300mg 2000 - 2300mg 1500mg (600mg
or less per meal)

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How It Works

Pick a Plan

Choose between a 5 or 7 day plan and the number of meals per day. You can also add gluten-free snacks to your plan.

Pick Your Meals

After purchasing your program, log in to view the menu built by our dietitians for you. Change out the meals as you’d like, our dietitians will provide nutritionally equivalent recommendations.

We Prepare Your Order

Our chefs & dietitians will handle the heavy lifting of gluten free meal prep for you. Your meals will arrive in packaging designed to keep your meals frozen for maximum freshness!

Get Extra Support

With bistroMD, you’re never in this alone. Our dietitians are available by email for one-on-one consultations. Join our member community to connect with others on this journey with you!

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