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4 Easy Hacks to Drink More Water

Even though water lacks nutritional value, it helps to supply the body’s cells with nutrients from foods and aid in digestion. Sounds like a pretty good reason to drink enough of it, right?


We hear often, "Drink more water." But for what reason? 

Plain water has no nutritional value regarding calories, nutrients, vitamins, and minerals (unless fluoridated) but we're supposed to drink more water? 

Even though water lacks nutritional value, it helps to supply the body's cells with nutrients from foods and aid in digestion. It also helps dissolve vitamins and minerals to make them more readily-accessible for critical body processes.

 Water can help achieve and maximize the body's ability to allow the additional functions identified in the picture below.

With almost all of the major body systems depending on water, its consumption seems pretty important now, right? The general recommendation for fluid consumption is eight cups per day or 64 ounces. Drinking half a gallon might seem pretty overwhelming, but it does not have to or should be.

Four Simple Tips to Drink More Water

1. Use Larger Cups

Look for a cup that can hold plenty of water but fits in your lifestyle. Because if a cup is too big, carrying it around can feel like a chore. 

Choose a cup that would be easy to always fill and carry. Some have markers indicating the amount of water held that can help water-tracking simple. 

Try to make it a goal and challenge to have at least half the bottle drank by lunchtime.

2. Take advantage of flavor enhancers.

Plain water may get a little boring... The good news is numerous flavor enhancers are found on the store shelves. 

However, be mindful of choosing a sweetener by looking and noticing its ingredient label. A more natural approach to adding oomph to water is by adding fruits like lemons, limes, and oranges. 

Eating the fruit afterwards will also provide extra fluid and nutrients into your diet. Cucumbers and mint can also provide a refreshing twist.

3. Make drinking water convenient. 

Keep water in places you often find yourself. While waiting for that morning coffee, pour a glass of water and drink it while the coffee brews. 

Have a bottle readily accessible for your morning, afternoon, and/or evening commutes. When cooking in the kitchen, sip on a glass of water.

4. Order water at restaurants. 

Restaurants and fast food are utilized frequently in this busy, social society. Often times, a soft drink is included in the meal so why would free water substitute a sodas place? If giving up your soft drink is out of the question, that's fine. But order a water as well. 

Not only will water consumption increase, but it could lead to a decrease of soda intake. 

Ultimately, the concept of "drinking more water" does not have to be a pesky task. A recommended water consumption goal can be achieved to keep crucial body processes rolling by following easy hacks and ways to drink more water.

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