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Delicious Father's Day Menu to Impress

Celebrate this Father’s Day with a delicious menu that lets dad know how special he is!

Delicious Father's Day Menu to Impress

No matter what dad's food preferences or dietary needs are, celebrate this Father's Day with a delicious menu that lets dad know how special he is.

The Ultimate Father's Day Menu

Whether the special meal is breakfast, later in the day, or for all meals, these Father's Day meal ideas will create the perfect dad's menu for the day.

Father's Day Breakfast Ideas

Choose an entree below dad will love for breakfast and pair with a fruit salad, veggies hash, toast, or whatever else dad wants for a filling, balanced way to start the day. 

• Frittata: There are many ways to make a frittata, and it is surprisingly easier than you may think. It can be kept classic with ham and cheese or elevated with a Southwest twist. 

• Chaffle waffle: An easy chaffle recipe is not a traditional waffle with syrup. This "waffle" is made from shredded cheese, egg, and almond flour making it a delicious, naturally low carb option. It can be made savory or sweet, depending on how dad wants it.

• Shakshuka: If really wanting to impress dad, make lamb or beef shakshuka. This Middle Eastern tomato and egg dish will be sure to show him how special he is.

Father's Day Lunch or Dinner Ideas

Choose dad's favorites from the below options to put together a Father's Day menu he will not forget. Of course, the main dishes are grill-focused for Father's day dinner ideas. However, they can all be adapted for oven or stovetop cooking.

On the Grill:

• Burgers: Perhaps the most iconic Father's Day meal… Make easy, healthy homemade burgers for the grill or try spicy jalapeno turkey burgers for a healthy burger that packs some heat.

• BBQ chicken: This grilled BBQ chicken recipe, complete with an easy homemade BBQ sauce, guides step-by-step to make the perfect chicken main dish that everyone will love. 

• Herb beef skewers: If never made beef skewers before, Father's Day can be a perfect introduction. These herb beef sirloin skewers are a flavorful addition to a special Father's Day meal.

• Citrus marinated shish kabobs: Shish kabobs are something fun and versatile to make Father's Day memorable. Citrus marinated shish kabobs can be made just with vegetables or add on favorite protein options like beef or chicken. The citrus marinade adds a delicious burst of flavor.

• Grilled vegetable salad with herb dressing: If the grill is going already, make a grilled vegetable salad with herb dressing for an easy, delicious pairing with any main dish. 

Delicious Sides:

• Fingerling potatoes: Fingerling potatoes with spicy pumpkin seeds can be made in 30 minutes and can be made roasting or boiling the potatoes. The dish will offer a flavorful, crunchy side that is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. 

• Garlic sautéed mushrooms: If dad likes mushrooms, this garlic butter sautéed mushroom side dish will be a must for a Father's Day meal.

• Zucchini fries: These zucchini fries are sneakily low in fat but pack a punch in flavor. They can easily be made in an air fryer or oven and can pair with Greek yogurt ranch dip.

• Greek stuffed peppers: Add some Mediterranean flavors to dad's menu with Greek stuffed peppers. They will impress dad and everyone else with the delicious flavors of garlic, olives, feta cheese, oregano, and lemon.

Father's Day Desserts

Last but not least, end Father's Day with a sweet (but healthy) treat! 

• Avocado brownies: These fudgy avocado brownies are a sweet, but healthier, way to end Father's Day. The recipe does not use flour which makes them gluten-free. Unless told, no one will know the secret ingredient for making the brownies fudgy and decadent tasting is the avocado.

• Healthy homemade snickers: If dad loves candy bars, healthy homemade snickers are a must for Father's Day menu. The bars are refined sugar-free and get natural sweetness from dates used in the crust and "caramel" layer.

• Watermelon and yogurt parfait: For something light and refreshing for Father's Day, a watermelon and yogurt parfait will hit the spot. Or, use any fruit on hand for this parfait and option to add toppings like shredded coconut, fresh mint or a berry compote.

Fun Ways to Cook with Dad

There are many benefits to including everyone in the family in the cooking process. Dad, children, and other family members can all appreciate a hands-on, collaborative cooking experience. 

Academy of Culinary Nutrition suggests the following ways and benefits to implementing group cooking:

• Help family members bond with one another and have fun
• Offers the opportunity to discuss important or fun topics in a laid back environment
• Experiment with culinary skills for kids and adults alike
• Cooking with a parent or caregiver can help kids discover new foods 
• A fun way to explore new flavors, tastes, and recipes as a family or as a group of friends
• Research indicates that family meals can reduce obesity

Cook with dad on Father's Day by dividing recipes or tasks within recipes up between friends/family members. Make sure they are age-appropriate if necessary for younger children. Dad gets to pick first what tasks he wants to do!

If dad loves food and cooking, get him a gift like a cookbook or other gifts for foodie dads. Use these on Father's Day to cook together (and maybe let him open a gift early)!

In Summary

Make a Father's Day meal that is special and memorable by picking recipes that dad will love and can be a part of the cooking process. Consider getting dad a "foodie" gift that can be used together as part of the cooking process!

Whether it is tried and true classics like hamburgers and BBQ chicken, or experimenting with new flavors and recipes like beef skewers, shish kabobs or homemade snickers bars, dad's menu can be tailored to his (and your) preferences.