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Weight Loss

From the effects of the hormone cortisol to the role of genetics in weight loss, this category is packed with everything that you need to know about losing weight the healthy way.

14 Unusual Weight Loss Tricks That Work

Although these weight loss tricks may seem unusual or even conflicting, they have been proven to work!

14 Unusual Weight Loss Tricks That Work

14 Tricks to Lose Weight

1. Eat Soup Before a Meal
Not only can a bowl of soup warm you up on a chilly evening, but has shown to cut calories at mealtime! According to a study conducted by Penn State University, consuming soup before a meal can cut caloric intake by 20 percent! The study further encourages to choose soups wisely by picking a low-calorie, broth-based soup, about 100 to 150 calories per serving, as higher calorie and cream-based soups could increase the total calories consumed.

2. Dismiss Calorie Counting
Though calories do play a role in weight loss, it is imperative to not solely stress over them. One of the best pieces of diet advice is focusing on the quality of foods rather than the amount of calories they contain. While a 100-calorie pack may seem like an ideal “diet food,” they may offer nothing more than sugars and other unwanted ingredients. Focusing most attention of whole grains, colorful produce, lean proteins, milk and dairy products, and healthy fats can keep calories naturally in check while supplying rich nutrients most “diet foods” lack.

3. Eat Unlimited Veggies
Though diets flaunt moderation, veggies might be an exception to the rule. Nosh on an unlimited supply of non-starchy veggies, as they are offer fiber, vitamins, minerals, and volume without packing on numerous calories. Non-starchy veggie options include asparagus, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, celery, peppers, spinach, and kale.

4. Unfear the Fat
Unlike popular belief and perceived notions, fat should not be feared! In fact, low-fat diets may actually detour weight loss efforts, as products marketed as “low-fat” are oftentimes loaded with sugar. Additionally, evolving research hints the promotion of full-fat dairy over its slimmed down counterpart, speculated to induce satiety and lessen their risk of overeating. It is important, though, to go for more healthy fats (including olive oil, nuts and seeds, and fatty fish) and moderate its intake, as all fat sources are higher in calories.

5. Take A Multivitamin
While there may not be a magic pill to weight loss, taking a multivitamin may be beneficial to your efforts! In fact, a study published in the International Journal of Obesity suggests multivitamin and mineral supplementation could reduce body weight and improve lipid profiles, including LDL and HDL cholesterol levels. The outcome may be related to increased energy expenditure and fat oxidation, processes that may be compromised if nutrients are deficient.

6. Abide by the “No Foods Off-Limits” Rule
Yes, you can still lose weight by enjoying your favorite scoop of ice cream! Feeling restricted from foods can actually impede on health goals, mostly be heightening their temptation and curating a binge. Allow yourself to indulge on a warm chocolate chip cookie or other favorite treat while implementing the practice of moderation.

7. Eat Off Multicolored Plates
Apparently it is not only the color of your food that matters… Cornell research discovered contrast between the plate and food served can influence the serving size. More specifically, researchers randomly gave participants a white or red plate and were allowed to serve themselves pasta with Alfredo or tomato sauce. The researchers found “participants who had low contrast between their food and the plates they served themselves on, for example pasta with Alfredo sauce on a white plate or pasta with tomato sauce on a red plate, served themselves 30 percent - or 42 grams more pasta than participants with high contrast between their food and the plate they served themselves on (i.e. pasta with tomato sauce on a white plate or pasta with Alfredo sauce on a red plate).” Ultimately, eating food on the same colored plate may increase the serving size, sparking the recommendation to eat salad greens on a green plate to increase veggie intake…

8. Tone Down the Music and Dim the Lights
Though reducing noise and dimming light is encouraged to nurture sleep cycles, doing so can also naturally cut calories! Reported by Today, a study published in the Journal Psychological Reports found toning down music and dimming the lights in a fast food restaurant can help diners enjoy their meals more and even eat less. Health advocates encourage individuals to create a similar environment at home, further turning off all electronics at the table and enjoying the meal and company at hand.

9. Pic Your Meal
While taking pictures of your meals may seem like added work and maybe even unusual, doing so can be extremely beneficial for weight loss. Checking in with meals and snacks every now and then is the perfect way to keep tabs on your intake!

10. Chew Gum
Chew on this weight loss trick… Popping a piece of gum in your mouth can assist in weight loss efforts, mostly when dealing with a craving and anticipating a food binge. So if feeling tempted to binge on junk food, distract the mind and satisfy the taste buds by chewing on gum.

11. Scroll through Health-Related Social Media Accounts
#MotivationMonday, anyone? From finding a new nutritious recipe to admiring a #TransformationTuesday, scrolling through health-related social media accounts can keep you motivated and inspired to stick to your goals! If needing some #fitspiration, check out bistroMD’s Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest pages!

12. Just Breathe
While breathing is a mindless, vital part of human sustainment, the simple act can redirect food cravings by limiting stress and the risk of emotional eating. Time after time, deep breathing is touted as one of the best stress management techniques. Learn more about the benefits of breathing exercises and just how to do them here.

13. Sleep
Perhaps one of the most relaxing tricks to lose weight is by sleeping it off! Whether taking a 20-minute nap or obtaining the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep each night, those minutes and hours of shuteye can play a large role in your weight loss goals by curbing cravings, regulating hunger hormones, and boosting energy to keep active throughout the day.

14. Let Someone Else Do It
Well, kind of! Though someone cannot personally lose weight for you, they certainly can assist in your efforts… So look to bistroMD, a diet that works! BistroMD is the nation’s leading weight loss meal delivery service, offering nutritious meals directly to your doorsteps. Meals are balanced with complex carbs, lean proteins, and healthy fats, ultimately providing the body with what it needs to jump start healthy weight loss and keep it off! So let someone else do the planning, prepping, cooking, and cleaning and entrust in bistroMD today!

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