15 Quick Weight Loss & Motivation Tips

When it comes to weight loss, we tend to want it fast. Since healthy weight loss takes effort and a little patience on your end, it may be easy to lose the line of sight and become unmotivated. But with these 15 tips, ignite and sustain your weight loss motivation!

15 Quick Weight Loss & Motivation Tips

How to Get Motivated to Lose Weight

1. Give Personal Pep Talks
According to Merriam Webster, a pep talk is "a usually brief, intense, and emotional talk designed to influence or encourage an audience." At any hour of the day, give yourself a personal pep talk for quick motivation, along with incorporating change talk. Change talk is making statements about commitment to behavioral changes, the reasons behind them, and the steps you will take or are taking to reach your goals. Ultimately, start talking openly and positively about your weight loss, along with the steps taken to meet personal goals.

2. Reward Yourself
Set rewards for yourself, as doing so can keep you motivated throughout the process. After designating and meeting goals, self-gift that pair of tennis shoes you have been eyeballing, a massage to relax, or anything else you have been eager to do or buy.

3. Document Progress
While taking those "before" pictures may be dreadful at the start of your weight loss journey, they can be valuable in tracking all the progress you have made and motivating you to keep going. Even beyond physical appearance, document your mood, emotions, and energy levels.

4. Workout in the Morning
While heading to the gym is admirable, it may not always be feasible. Instead of waking up and remaining in bed... Get moving! Doing so elevates your heart rate and heightens your energy levels and mood right from the very get-go. Increase adhesion to your workouts by choosing activities you enjoy, as you are more apt to bounce out of bed if you are looking forward it. Gaining an exercise buddy can also keep you excited, motivated, and accountable for those morning workouts.

5. Consume A Balanced Breakfast
Whether you prefer to have breakfast before or after a workout, the order is not so much important as actually consuming a well-balanced breakfast. (Or at least coffee...) Consuming a balanced and protein-packed can keep energy levels heightened throughout the morning and keep you motivated throughout the day.

6. Carry A Water Bottle
When it comes to staying hydrated, carrying a water bottle can encourage and remind you of its intake. Also keep water handy and conveniently located in frequented areas, including in the car or travel bag.

7. Keep Healthy Snacks On Hand
Similar to the water tip above, unavailable healthy snacks heighten the risk of vending machine visits when hunger strikes. Keep motivated and hunger levels at bay by keeping healthy snacks on hand, including hummus and veggie slices, peanut butter and bananas, Greek yogurt and berries, and tuna and whole grain crackers.

8. Meal Prep
The practice of meal prep can keep you motivated throughout the week, as there is one less task to worry about following a long work day. From learning how to master the practice to recipes and ideas, take advantage of this guide to meal prepping.

9. Write Down Your Motivators
What's more motivating than writing down your motivators? Whether it be to run in an upcoming race or age healthily with your loved one, having a "why" can keep you motivated and inspired to reach out your weight loss goals.

10. Compete with Others
Sometimes a little friendly competition is exactly what you need to stay motivated to lose weight. Have fun competing with others at a workout class, kickball tournament, or an online walking challenge.

11. Ditch Daily Weigh-Ins
Day-to-day fluctuations can be not only discouraging, but damaging in an instant. While weighing yourself once a day can keep weight loss in check and lead to positive affirmations, obsessively stepping on the scale multiple times a day, or even once daily, can be a mind game. Find out how often you should weight yourself here.

12. Look Beyond the Scale
Along with ditching daily weigh-ins, start looking beyond the scale for weight loss motivation. The journey is much more than a number reflecting back at you and can be associated to looser fitting clothes, gaining strength, and an improvement in overall health.

13. Seek Support
Support can be an extremely powerful motivator and can include a wide variety of people, including friends, family members, neighbors, online support groups, and healthcare professionals.

14. Strategize and Implement Coping Skills
With busy work schedules and life responsibilities, everyday stressors will continue popping up. But strategizing ways to deal with them and implementing positive coping skills will help you stay motivated no matter what life throws your way. Even a quick walk or jog can transpire a more positive attitude!

15. Sleep
Got eight hours to spare each night? What about 20 minutes a day? Although seven to nine hours of nightly sleep each night is stressed, a quick power nap can keep your weight loss goals in line and driven by recharging energy levels and combatting against intense food cravings.

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