7 Tips to Reverse Accidental Weight Gain

Hitting a plateau is not uncommon and there are effective ways to deal with unexpected and explained weight gain.

7 Tips to Reverse Accidental Weight Gain

It seems we have lived in this situation at some point or another: Eating healthy, exercising, going through the motions, and doing what we thought we were supposed to do to lose weight. And then we step on the scale and suddenly... Instead of moving backward like we anticipated and worked so hard for, the numbers actually jumped forward.

1. Do Not Panic
Unexplained weight gain may be frustrating, but the importance of remaining calm and composed cannot be stressed enough. Reacting based on pure panic and emotion can make matters worse, even risking uncontrollable food binges and completely throwing in the towel together. Do not panic and remain composed by taking a deep breath and envisioning proactive steps forward.

2. Rationalize Weight Gain
Before jumping to conclusions and reacting based on emotions, try rationalizing your weight gain. If you notice a five pound gain in a 24-hour time span, the fluctuation is more than likely related to water retention or perhaps wearing heavier clothing when stepping on the scale. You should also judge health on the way you feel and how clothes fit, not solely based on the number reflecting back at you.

3. Take One Day at A Time
It is metabolically impossible to drop those five unexpected pounds in a single day, so why force strict standards on yourself? Take one day at a time, shaping decisions and choices to accompany your goals. For instance, try making it a point to drink more water, participate in some sort of physical activity, or try a new homemade recipe.

4. Shake Up Your Routine
Your body does great at adapting to routine, which may be impeding on your results without you realizing it. Shake up a weight loss plateau by shaking up your routine with a new workout regimen. Also tweak your diet as needed, as the calories burned at a higher weight will not necessarily match what the body will burn after pounds have been dropped. Metabolism can naturally decrease with weight loss, which may subsequently slow down further weight loss. Even though calories should not be the primary focus, they do play a critical part in dropping pounds and supplying the body's needs for optimal health.

5. Remember Your Motivators
In times of struggle and self-doubt, remember your motivators and your "why" for starting the journey in the first place. While you often experience uncertainty and reluctance leading up your weight loss journey, the anticipation is often overshadowed by the excitement of envisioning a happier and healthier you. So if you hit a plateau, try reflecting back to your initial motivation and remember your personal motive for desiring weight loss and wanting to optimize your health. Also write down your goals and hopes on a sheet of paper, try memorizing them, and repeat them to yourself on a daily basis. The motivation granted from such a simple act may just surprise you...

6. Consult with A Dietitian
Remember, you never have to walk this health journey alone. Dietitians are well-versed in nutrition knowledge and relay their expertise into practical and individualized lifestyle changes. Consulting with a dietitian can assist your weight loss efforts by providing nutritional counseling, education, and ongoing support.

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