Why & How to Celebrate Victories Beyond the Scale

The scale tends to be the most common tool to track weight loss progress. However, weight is only one measure and these non-scale victories are just as important (if not more important) and worth celebrating!

Why & How to Celebrate Victories Beyond the Scale

Weight is only one measure of change in a healthy weight loss journey. The physical, emotional, and psychological victories that accompany weight loss are just as important as the numbers on the scale and should be celebrated as part of the journey to healthier living.

Your value as a person, your experiences, success, and the light you bring to the world can’t be measured by the scale - and the way you feel about yourself should not be, either.

Non-Scale Victories Worth Celebrating

From positive changes in eating habits to feeling healthier, consider these non-scale victories worth celebrating beyond the scale!

Changes in eating habits:

  • You are more attuned to your hunger and satiety cues
  • You know which foods satisfy you and which do not
  • Your cravings have decreased

Fewer medications:

  • Blood pressure improvements
  • You are sleeping well
  • Joint pain has diminished
  • Lower A1c and stable blood sugar

Feeling healthier:

  • You have more energy
  • Your body feels stronger
  • Easier to do activities like climbing stairs, feeling less winding, and walking further
  • Clothes fitting better
  • You have more confidence

Living better:

  • You can concentrate better
  • Your productivity has increased
  • You are an inspiration to others

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