Weight Gain and How to Overcome It

Gaining weight can be subtle and happen over time. Learn ways to notice and avoid it sneaking up on you.

Weight Gain and How to Overcome It

Weight gain is something we all dread. We never want to see the day when our perfect high school bodies transform into middle aged billboards for weight gain.

Weight gain is usually the result of fried foods, giant portions, delicious desserts, alcohol and soft drinks packed full of sugar. Sometimes, however, you gain weight if you’re not consuming foods packed full of sugar or decadent alcoholic drinks.

If you are gaining weight while watching what you eat and being physically active, there may be several other factors at play.

Lack of sleep

Your body needs sleep. When you’re tired, you don’t feel your best. You feel sluggish and sometimes if you’re really tired, your body aches. This is because when you don’t get enough sleep, your body experiences physiological stress and biochemically, you store fat more efficiency. You’re also not handling stress very well—which may cause you to turn to food as a coping mechanism—it’s fast, it’s accessible and empty calories are normally sugary and delicious so they make you feel better.

Symptoms that you may not be getting enough rest include: fatigue, low energy, nodding off easily and feeling irritable. Strive to get 7-8 hours of sleep each night.


Our society is stressful by nature. Stress helps us move forward and helps us cope with life’s demands, but it also affects our moods and emotions. However, when we’re too stressed out, our body goes into survival mode and slows down its metabolism and increases the production of chemicals like cortisol and leptin, which cause weight gain in the abdominal region.  

And when we’re stressed, we turn to food and not just any food—sugary junk food packed full of calories. These foods are delicious so they make us feel better—until we realize how many calories they actually have.

Instead of turning to food, try relaxation techniques such as walking, exercising or meditating.


If you’ve gained five or more pounds in the past month without changing your lifestyle, your medicine cabinet may be to blame. Some prescription drugs used to treat depression, mood disorders, seizures, migraines, blood pressure and diabetes can cause weight gain, from a modest amount to as much as 10 pounds per month.

Every drug works differently and every drug affects us differently. Experts say these are the most common types of medication known to cause weight gain: steroids, antidepressants, antipsychotics, antiseizsure medicines, diabetes medications, high blood pressure medications and heartburn medications.

If you suspect your medications are causing you to gain weight, talk to your doctor.


Your diet can be a huge cause of weight gain. If your diet consists of fried food and empty calories, you’re asking to gain weight. Switching to a healthy diet can be confusing and time consuming, but there are options to make it easier. You could try a diet delivery program.

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