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11 Motivators to Lose Weight

It is well-known successful weight loss occurs when meals are balanced, workouts are accomplished, stress is managed, and sleep is well, slept. However, the actual follow through and consistency of such endeavors requires a motivational synergist. So if needing some inspiration to get started and keep going, read on and learn how to get motivated to lose weight!

11 Motivators to Lose Weight

How to Get Motivated to Lose Weight

1. Find Your Purpose
The thought of weight loss stemmed from somewhere, so truly reflect on why you wanted to embark on this journey in the first place. Even if weight loss was the primary motivation, modify your inspirations as views flourish amidst a healthier lifestyle, including feeling more confident in your own skin or growing older with your loved ones.

2. Consider the Future
Remember, the choices we make today will impact the future to come and "a year from now you would may wish you started today." So to stay on target and increase motivation, consider and envision the future filled with health, longevity, and energy to give to yourself and your loved ones. And ultimately, the time is now!

3. But Also Live in the Moment
Although considering the future is an invaluable way to stick to a plan, "enjoy your life today, because yesterday has gone and tomorrow may never come." It is important to live in the moment and enjoy the process, including all the knowledge, strength, and support you gain throughout. Be eager to expand your understanding of nutrition, try new recipes, trial the latest workout class, learn how the body works, experiment with meditation and yoga, and other opportunities that you personal seek out or may come your way.

4. Look to Inspirational Quotes
Continuing on the motivational quote train… Feel the drive with these 40 inspirational quotes to get and keep you motivated through your entire journey!

5. Establish and Write Down Goals
One of the best motivations for losing weight is by establishing "SMART" (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely) goals, along with setting small goals to reduce overwhelming feelings that may deter and discourage efforts. Also write down your health goals with pen and paper, as research supports the process increases adherence and compliance to them, and jot down your biggest inspirations and hang in frequented areas such as on the fridge or in the car.

6. Talk About Your Goals, Too
Start talking openly and positively about your weight loss to yourself and others, as doing so can increase motivation, accountability, and compliance to your personal action plan similar to writing them down. Also give yourself a personal pep talk for quick and efficient motivation and incorporate change talk, or statements regarding commitment to behavioral changes.

7. Devise A Plan for You
Rather than trying out every new fad or crash diet, devise a plan that works for you. Remember, this is your health journey so take action that aligns best with your goals and views. For instance, if you cannot fathom the thought of running for cardio, don’t! There are numerous other effective options, including these nine cardio workouts for people who hate running. Ultimately, the best plan is a plan that works best for you and the one you will consistently implement day-in and day-out.

8. Document Progress
Documenting your own personal progress can spark motivation to keep you going. Take those notorious progress pictures and document feelings, emotions, and energy levels during your weight loss journey.

9. Focus On Overall Health
Rather than fixating on the scale and becoming discouraged with a number reflecting back at you, start focusing on overall health. And by joining the "No-Scale Club," you are likely to heighten senses, reduce anxiety, unleash freedom, and pay greater attention to other physical and mental health parameters, including muscle strength and self-worth reflections.

10. Find Support from Others
Although you are the one responsible for carrying out healthy lifestyle choices, you do not have to nor should you go through the journey alone. Finding support from others not only stimulates and excites motivation, but increases accountability to adhere to weight loss goals throughout the entire process. Confide in those you trust the most, including family members, friends, neighbors, coworkers, healthcare professionals, and online communities.

11. Self-Gift Rewards
Keep your eye on the prize and reward yourself when goals are accomplished to keep motivated! For instance, self-gift those new pair of tennis shoes, a massage for the ultimate relaxation and recovery, or simply devote an hour solely for "you" time!