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10 Exciting Picnic Activity Ideas

From rallying for recreational sports to sculpting sand art, do not miss out on these 10 exciting picnic activities!

10 Exciting Picnic Activity Ideas

On a warm summer day, a picnic with friends and family is hard to beat. But what if there was a way to make the next outing even better?

Have a blast with loved ones with these picnic activities, including scavenger hunts and relay races!

10 Picnic Activity Ideas

From rallying for recreational sports to sculpting sand art, do not miss out on these exciting picnic activities!

1. First, Prepare a Healthy Picnic

What is a picnic without, well, the picnic? But common picnic foods tend to be heavy, including potato salad and pasta salad.

So for this summer picnic basket, lighten up the menu with fresh ingredients. Allow each member of the group to select a picnic recipe, including finger foods and side dishes. For instance, turkey roll-ups are protein-packed and easy to pack. A vibrant Mediterranean quinoa salad is also satisfying, yet light on a warm day.

Also, take advantage of produce from a local farmers market. For instance, dip fresh cucumber or bell pepper slices into edamole or hummus.

2. Sculpt Up Sand Art

Have access to a sandy beach or sandbox? Sculpt some sand art.

To make it a friendly challenge, have everyone participate in transforming sand into fun works of art. Designate a judge to evaluate the pieces based on creativity or identified criteria. For instance, see who can create the tallest sandcastle or the most realistic ocean animal.

The options, along with the amount of fun, are boundless!

3. Prepare a Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are an exciting way to explore and feel challenged. They can be tailored to all age groups, too, so both kids and adult can participate.

Prepare the hunt by first developing lists and criterion, including things to find or try. For instance, have the scavengers take a picture of a bird and body of water. Gathering certain objects, including a speckled leaf, can also make it to the scavenger list.

Divide scavengers into teams and the first to finish the list, receives the designated prize or honor!

4. Rally for Recreational Sports

Picnic areas tend to offer access to a number of recreational fields and courts, including for basketball, soccer, and volleyball.

If a baseball field is available, play a few rounds of kickball or softball. Without a field present, simply place markers for first, second, third, and home bases.

Really, these competitive, yet entertaining sports are a fun way to exercise without even realizing that you are.

5. Golf With Frisbees

Ditch the golf clubs and balls for a game of frisbee golf.

Even if the park does not feature a mapped out frisbee golf course, create your own challenging route. Bring crates and strategically place them around the park for a fun picnic game.

6. Act Out Charades

Have a group full of comedians and actors? Play a fun game of charades.

Write down phrases, celebrities, animals, etc. on single strips of paper. Have the charaders grab from a hat or basket and act them out. You may just be entertained for hours!

7. Gather for a Game of Horseshoes

Horseshoes is a classic outdoor game requiring only some stakes and horseshoes. Also, feel free to be as strict or flexible with rules, especially if younger kids are enjoying.

If playing for score, the winner gets to choose the next fun picnic activity for the next gathering.

8. Compete In Relay Races

Relay races are a sure way to include some exercise while having competitive fun. There are many ways to relay race as well.

One of the most traditional is the three-legged race, in which two runners strap legs together and run to a finish line. You can also make races more daring by blindfolding the runners or having them race backward.

9. Relive Tic Tac Toe

Relive that childhood classic with those X’s and O’s in the sand. Besides, not all picnic games to play require equipment, including tic tac toe.

Just trace out a 3 X 3 grid and have opponents take marking X’s and O’s into the sand. And again, the object of the game is to mark horizontal, vertical, or diagonal rows first.

Really, it is that simple to assemble and play!

10. Sing to Karaoke

For all those car, shower, and anywhere singers, find exciting picnic entertainment with karaoke. All you need is some music, a speaker, and some charisma to be the stars of the picnic!