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5 Easy Resolutions to Start Today

Starting new goals should not rely on the flip of the calendar. And if you have 10 or less minutes to spare, you have time for these New Year's resolution ideas!

5 Easy Resolutions to Start Today

Did you know almost 43 percent of those who make New Year's resolutions never succeed and fail on it each year? Although often made with the best intentions, resolutions fail based on a few reasons, including feeling forced to make one, starting a little too overzealous, and setting unrealistic expectations.

So rather than not reaching your admirable New Year's resolutions, why fall short or even wait? Really, starting New Year goals should not rely on the flip of the calendar. And if have 10 or less minutes to spare, you have time for these New Year resolution ideas!

5 New Year Resolutions Ideas

1. Write Down Daily Gratitudes

One of the best New Year's resolutions is not one that solely focuses on weight loss, diet, or fitness, but rather encourages us to reflect what we are grateful for. Giving gratitude helps us remember our blessings and priorities and encourages us to focus on the fortunes that truly matter beyond monetary value. Counting blessings versus blessings has also shown to lend emotional and interpersonal benefits according to a study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

Indeed, giving daily gratitude is extremely effective in becoming happier in all facets of life, and can truly prime the brain for a happier, humbler New Year. So take a few minutes each day to reflect and jot down what are you are grateful for and the feelings it provides, which may include, but certainly not limited to, nourishing foods, a supportive spouse, landing that hard-earned college diploma or job promotion, a comfortable place to rest your head each night, and simply being alive.

2. Whip Up a Quick Breakfast

The verdict is in: Breakfast actually is the most important meal of the day! In fact, a new study supports a high-energy breakfast is effective for weight loss and reducing insulin needs and carb cravings. Consuming a well-balanced breakfast also boosts energy and improves cognition for the day.

But consuming that morning meal does not have to be a huge undertaking nor does it need to rely on sugary muffins and other breakfast pastries. Offer nutrients to your busy morning by preparing quick, make ahead, and on-the-go options such as egg wraps, Greek yogurt parfaits, and smoothies.

Pro tip: Don't forget the coffee! That morning pick-me-up brews up some impressive health benefits, including assisting in weight and fat loss, improving physical performance, and protecting from diabetes, stroke, Alzheimer's disease, and cancer.

3. Modify Your Meal Plate

Breakfast might be acclaimed to be the most important, but all meals are worthy, particularly when balanced with nutritious foods. As a general rule of thumb, fill at least half the plate with veggies, a quarter with a lean or plant-based protein, and complement with a whole grain and healthy fat source.

This quick and simple modification keeps calories and hunger naturally in check to encourage weight loss and maintenance. The balance and variety of nutritious food sources also ensures nutrient needs are being met to lower the risk of deficiencies and improve overall health.

Example modified meal plates may resemble the following:

• Turkey burger served on a lettuce cup with favorite toppings and paired with a side salad

• Tofu or beef topped onto brown rice and complemented with shredded carrots, cucumber, broccoli, low-sodium soy sauce, and additional stir-fry favorites

• Chicken burrito bowl built with boneless chicken breast, brown rice, beans, bell pepper, tomato, and other fresh ingredients

• Spaghetti squash enjoyed with meatballs, Cajun shrimp, chicken, or another protein source and paired with roasted Brussels sprouts

• Grilled salmon topped onto a whole grain tortilla, dressed with coleslaw, and paired with steamed broccoli

4. Speed Up Your Workout

While fitness results are the byproduct of dedication and consistency, they do not require long commitments at the gym. In fact, you can achieve your New Year goals and reap the benefits of exercise by speeding up your workout with high-intensity interval training.

Also known as HIIT, high-intensity interval training features intensive bouts of movements to elevate heart rate and stimulate the muscles within a short period of time. So if you have 10 minutes, you have time for a quick workout!

Truly, the most importance is placed on not the type of exercise completed, but rather you dismiss a sedentary lifestyle. Naturally increase daily movement in your day by walking the dog in the morning, taking the steps over the elevator, and parking further away door entries.

Getting family members, friends, and other loved ones and supports involved can also increase motivation and a sense of community for this exciting fitness lifestyle!

5. Create A Healthy Bedtime Routine

While being active is essential for healthy lifestyle, so is adequate shuteye and going without it can lead to chronic fatigue, weight gain, diabetes, heart disease, depression, premature aging, and cognitive dysfunction.

The National Sleep Foundation (NSF) recommends adults sleep seven to nine hours, though the average American sleeps approximately six hours nightly. Improve sleep health and lead to a healthier, happier you throughout the entire year by creating a healthy bedtime routine, particularly by:

• Staying consistent with sleep and wake times.

• Powering down from all electronics leading up to bedtime.

• Writing out thoughts that may keep the brain up at night.

• Evaluating the bedroom and ensuring mattresses and pillows are comfortable, supportive, and free of any allergens.

• Practicing relaxation techniques, including with a bath or guided imagery.

• Relieving nighttime hunger with a light snack, such as whole grain cereal with milk, popcorn, string cheese with wheat crackers, and half a turkey sandwich.

Sleep experts encourage sticking to regular sleep and wake times, creating a comfortable environment conducive to sleep, powering down from electronics leading up to bedtime, and practicing relaxation techniques to quiet the mind and calm the body.

The best part? These New Year resolution ideas take less than 10 minutes to implement!