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Delicious Easter Treats Made with Health in Mind

Hop into the flavors of spring and Easter, while using nutritious ingredients, with these healthy Easter treats and snack ideas!

Delicious Easter Treats Made with Health in Mind

When you think of Easter snacks and treats, candy eggs, chocolate Easter bunnies, jelly beans, cookies, cakes, and colorful marshmallow chicks may come to mind. However, Easter goodies do not have to be full of sugar and empty calories.

Discover how to enjoy the flavors of spring and Easter, while using nutritious ingredients, with these top healthy Easter treats and snack ideas.

11 Healthy Easter Snacks & Goodies

These healthy snacks and goodies can of course be enjoyed year-round, but they are especially geared toward celebrating Easter and the flavors of spring. In fact, these goodies can be a healthy and delicious way to end an Easter brunch, lunch, or dinner.

Healthier Chocolate Egg Alternatives

Chocolate eggs are a fun Easter tradition, but they can be notoriously high in added sugar, calories and void of any healthy nutrients. Add some fun and creativity with these healthier - but festive - alternatives for chocolate Easter eggs:

• Nutella-deviled strawberries: These are a fun, delicious play on deviled eggs! They are made with just fresh strawberries, Nutella, and optional crushed nuts. Serve as a stand-alone snack, appetizer, or dessert.

Healthy peanut butter chocolate eggs: Chocolate peanut butter eggs can be made with recognizable ingredients like nut butter, maple syrup, coconut flour, and dark chocolate. This makes them a lower sugar alternative to pre-made peanut butter chocolate Easter treats. They are a great treat option for guests who are vegan and gluten-free as well!

Carrot-Based Easter Snacks

Carrots are a popular savory and sweet addition to Easter celebrations. While carrots are indeed nutritious, traditional carrot-based desserts, like carrot cake, are often high in added sugars. 

Enjoy carrots without all the excess sugar with these lightened up Easter snack ideas:

Carrot cake breakfast cookies: These healthier cookies are based on shredded carrots, oats, whole wheat flour, pecans, raisins, and only a half cup of honey for sweetener. 

No-bake carrot cake bites: These no-bake bites have all the flavor of carrot cake but are sweetened with dates

Carrot chips: If you are looking for a savory but festive Easter snack, try making carrot chips. They can easily be made by peeling strips of carrots, tossing with a bit of olive oil, optional seasonings, and baked in the oven.

"Cool" Easter Goodies

Whether welcoming warmer weather or exciting for its soon arrival, celebrate with one (or both!) of these “cool” Easter goodies:

4-ingredient homemade gelato: Prepared with four simple ingredients in five minutes and packed with fresh strawberry flavor? You don’t want to miss out on this delicious and nutritious gelato recipe for less time in the kitchen and more with your loved ones!

Avocado ice cream: Smooth, creamy, and made with one sneaky ingredient even kids will love! For a cute Easter spin, make a “bunny tracks” variation by swirling in a lower calorie chocolate sauce, peanuts, and peanut butter.

Healthy Homemade Treats for Easter

For special Easter celebrations, these homemade treats are healthier alternatives for the typical sweets found around this holiday. With no loss of flavor, these Easter recipes may be a new requested holiday favorite by kids and adults alike:

Homemade Twix bar: These homemade Twix bars might just be better than the original! They are made with wholesome ingredients such as oats, unsweetened applesauce, coconut oil, dates, nut butter, maple syrup, and chocolate.

Date caramels: Looking for Easter chocolate caramels but want something healthier? These date caramels will hit the mark for flavor while using simple, healthier ingredients- notably dates as the main filling.

• No-bake Easter egg fruit tarts: This special Easter treat can be an interactive treat where kids (and adults) can decorate these egg-shaped tarts with various cut-up pieces of fruit or other desired toppings. The tarts are made primarily with almond butter, oats and do not need to be baked

Healthy banana bread: This lightened-up banana bread has no refined flour, sugar, or oil. It tastes delicious and will be a crowd-pleaser at any Easter gathering! The recipe is also naturally gluten-free and can easily be tailored to a vegan and/or dairy-free recipe.

Recapping Healthy Ideas for Easter Treats & Snacks

You can enjoy all the flavors and traditions of Easter snacks while still maintaining health goals of cutting back on added sugar. In fact, many healthy Easter treats may be a new favorite for the whole family.

Chocolate Easter eggs can take a healthier and fun spin by making strawberry Nutella "eggs" or choose to make your own Easter chocolate peanut butter eggs with simple ingredients you may already have on hand. 

Other decadent treats can be made with wholesome ingredients based on oats, dates, almond flour, maple syrup, and nut butter including caramels, homemade Twix bars, egg fruit tarts, and banana bread.

Carrots can be featured in many delicious, unique, and lower sugar snacks as an alternative to traditional carrot cake. Prepare nutrient-packed breakfast cookies, energy balls, or even served as chips for a fun salty snack.