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Weight Loss for Women

Women commonly agree on one thing: Women's weight loss appears to be much more of a feat compared to men's. The combination of hormones, stress and society standards can generate weight-related issues even further. Break the barriers with these weight loss tips for women!

Weight Loss for Women

All women can agree: women's weight loss tends to be much more challenging compared to men's. The differences generally lie within varying genetic dispositions - men were built to carry additional muscle and contain higher levels of testosterone, thus cultivating a faster metabolism and quicker weight loss. To put weight loss odds against women even further, the combination of hormones, stress, and societal standards can generate weight-related issues including obesity, poor body image and eating disorders. Break the obstacles with these weight loss tips for women!

Weight Loss Tips for Women

Plan for Health Success

Though slightly stereotypical, women tend to be more of planners than men. This characteristic can certainly work to their advantage, as planning can be a powerful tool in successful weight loss. Specifically, meal preparation can overcome obstacles between busy schedules and nutritious meals. New to the meal prep scene? Try these for your beginner's guide to meal prep, recipes, and ideas!

Catch the Morning Worm

If schedules permit, begin the day at early morning hours. Dragging out of bed may be a feat, but morning hours can be your time and a way to get a leg up on packing nutritious meals or an exercise class. A morning workout can further accelerate energy levels across the day's span, putting you onto the productivity fast-track!

Break the Fast

Start good nutrition choices in the morning hours with a well-balanced breakfast. The power of breakfast and how it effects the body are renowned, particularly related to its associations with weight loss and maintenance. Additionally, skipping out on breakfast has shown to compromise mental clarity and energy in the morning hours. Pair a rich protein source with whole grains or fresh produce for sustained satiety - examples include Greek yogurt and berries, peanut butter oats and banana slices, eggs and a whole grain English muffin, or peaches and cottage cheese.

Add Foods

Instead of having the mindset of taking away and avoiding foods while losing weight, start to add or swap in more nutritious foods. Filling the diet with more fiber and protein-rich sources will naturally decrease room for processed and refined products. Additionally, make small goals for yourself such as "I will increase my vegetable intake to three servings a day" or "I will replace white, refined products with whole grain plant sources."

Weight and Strength Train

Any sort of weight-bearing exercise can stimulate muscle growth or preserve what is already there. Maintaining and growing muscle not only reduces fat mass, but increases metabolism. Accelerated metabolism can further promote weight loss, even when the body is at rest! If new to weight lifting, start with a lighter weight and lower reps. Increase weights and sets as you feel more confident and comfortable in weight lifting. Body weight exercises such as push-ups, pull-ups, squats, and can also be just as beneficial!

Strength in Numbers

It is not atypical for women to love socialization, and the concept of "strength in numbers" can run parallel with social lives and weight loss. Having a strong network of family or friends truly supports the concept of accountability and motivation. Meet new motivated people in workout classes, walk with family after dinner, or hit the gym with close friends. Group messaging can further foster health by bouncing off and sharing workout and meal planning tips.

Diet Delivery Programs

Busy schedules can easily disrupt health and weight loss efforts. BistroMD's women's weight loss program delivers well-balanced, nutritious meals right to your doorstep. Rather than cooking in the kitchen, meal delivery offers convenience and allocates time to be spent on what you find most important!