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10 Tips for a Healthy December

Amidst the holiday hustle and bustle, overlooking and neglecting your health can be simple and unintentional. Detour the potential risks of weight gain and stay healthy this December with these wellness tips for the holidays!

10 Tips for a Healthy December

10 Holiday Wellness Tips

1. Maintain Weight
While it is admirable to desire weight loss, you do not have to make it a priority this holiday season. So rather than stressing and aiming to lose weight, most health experts encourage individual to maintain weight over the holidays, enjoying the present moment of being with close friends and family.

2. Keep Active
The chaos of holiday schedules can make it extremely difficult to make it to the gym each morning. Instead of fixating on missed workouts, find other methods to keep active. Heading to the mall later for last minute shopping? Take the steps when possible. Wanting to see the Christmas lights in the neighborhood? Walk instead of drive. Use any opportunity available to stay active this holiday season.

3. Do Not Skip Meals
Though skipping meals may seem like an obvious way to cut calories and stay trim, it can be detrimental to health goals. It does seem logical, though, sacrificing your lunch hour to leave more room for the holiday party later. Consequently, arriving ravenous can lead to overeating and not to mention, drinking on an empty stomach can stimulate a quicker buzz and lead to mindless munching (and potential embarrassment)! Eat balanced throughout the day, focusing on portions and servings, and continuing the practice of moderation at the party.

4. Pack A Snack
Whether trimming tinsel or scratching off your Christmas list, pack a high-protein and/or fiber snack to lessen the risk of a food court run in a bout of hunger. Convenient and nutritious snack options include almonds, beef jerky, protein bars, string cheese, yogurt, and a small jug of chocolate milk.

5. Be Aware of Your Surroundings
Always be aware your surroundings, especially when displaced from your normal eating environment. So whether at a holiday party or family dinner, scope out the scene and strategize the most healthful plan. Fill up on fresh veggies and fruits first, seek out a lean protein source, then allow yourself for a small slice of pumpkin pie you have been eyeballing.

6. Indulge Without Overindulging
Though it is okay to indulge over the holiday season, overdoing it can down spiral all efforts towards health goals and then some. Indulge with intention, and especially if a holiday party is supplied with tempting foods at every corner, only bother with foods you truly enjoy. To minimize and curb your hunger and desire for sweets, start at the healthier section of the buffet line and make your way down. By the time you get ready for dessert, your cravings may not be as strong, making you less likely to overindulge.

7. Remember, It Is Okay to Say "No"
Remember, it is okay to say "no" when someone offers you something they personally prepared. So rather than overeating just to please your loved ones, you can approach the situation in a number of ways: You could mention your new health journey and trying to stay mindful or simply say you will take a piece of Aunt Jane's infamous pecan pie to-go, as you are content for the moment and do not want to overdo it.

8. Moderate Drinking
Along with controlling portion and serving sizes of food, moderate alcohol intake. Not only can drinking too much precipitate a less-than-pleasant morning, but pack on numerous calories from the alcohol itself while feeding into heightened cravings. For a safer and healthier holiday season, men are recommended to consume no more than two drinks per day while women are limited to one, along with opting for lower calorie beverages and mixers, including light beer, wine, and spirits mixed with water, club soda, and more natural flavors such as citrus fruits.

9. Own the Night
While the holiday parties may turn into late evenings, the importance of adequate sleep carries on throughout the holiday season. Own the night and get a handle on sleep, as research shows individuals who do not achieve the recommended seven to nine hours each night puts themselves at risk for obesity. The hidden ways lack of sleep can lead to weight gain mostly relate to lower energy levels, hormone imbalances, and metabolism reductions.

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