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Stress-Free Holiday Tips to Avoid Overeating

Most of us look forward to the holiday season, though the stress of Christmas shopping, preparing for holiday gatherings, and decking the halls can make us neglect our health.

Stress-Free Holiday Tips to Avoid Overeating

Still want to enjoy all of the perks of the holiday season? Also still want to meet health and weight loss goals without all of the Christmas stress?

These goals are shared by many, but not accomplished by all. So how can one ensure a joyful holiday season while sustaining health goals at all times of the year?

You do not miss these stress-free holiday tips to find out!

How to Avoid Overeating During the Holidays

From staying physically active to being prepared with balanced meals, avoid overeating and manage stress during the holidays with these tips.

Allot "You" Time

The holidays tend to be surrounded by family members, friends, neighbors, and coworkers. But do not feel guilty for enjoying time for yourself!

Allot "you" time, devoting it to activities you enjoy doing for a personal break. This may entail enjoying coffee in the wee morning hours or heading to your favorite yoga class. Also schedule that relaxing massage you have been wanting.

Really, continue relishing in those day-to-day activities and healthy habits (even if it is for a brief 20 minutes)!

Listen to Your Body & Slow Down

It is simple to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holidays. However, it is important to listen to your body and slow down when needed, allowing yourself time to decompress and rest.

Especially during late holiday parties, gift yourself time to rest in the morning. Aim to achieve the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep each night, too. Not only will your energy levels keep heightened, but diminish high-sugar and fat food cravings.

Be Prepared

While you cannot perceive the future's entirety, you can map out areas on which preparation can work in your favor. Tips to be prepared may include the following:

• If hosting the family holiday party each year, prepare food items ahead of time. This can help limit stress the morning of and prevent from a stressful day.

• Use this opportunity to prepare healthier holiday meal and treat options. When preparing food at home, you have more ingredient control and the opportunity to implement these healthy baking swaps.

• Packing snacks is another essential way of staying prepared. Having nutritious food options reduces the temptation of a quick fix from the mall's food court. On-the-go snacks include cheese sticks, beef jerky, and individual containers of Greek yogurt.

• Confide in a meal delivery service. Especially amidst the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it can be difficult to stick to a healthy diet. Staying stocked with well-balanced and convenient meals helps ensure healthy eating throughout the holidays.

Stick to Your Health Guns

Stick to those health guns as much as possible. And remember, the holidays are not an automatic "go" button to throw all health goals aside.

While it is okay to indulge on festive treats, holiday parties and get-togethers likely still offers nutritious options. One of the most influential weight loss tips is by plating plenty of protein and vegetable options from the buffet table. This may include shrimp cocktail, grilled chicken breasts, and any of the offered veggies.

The pairing of protein and fiber helps keep hunger levels at bay. Cravings towards sweet treats are also better regulated when satiated.

Stay Active

Continue hitting workouts as much as possible, while also accepting consistent gym sessions may be negotiated during the busy holiday season. So instead of feeling the stress of missed workouts, aim to stay physically moving as much as possible throughout the day.

Simple, yet effective ways to keep active include:

• Cleaning the house
• Taking the steps at the mall when holiday shopping
• Structuring family time with physical activity
• Parking further away from the store's entrance
• Walking the dog

Not only can keeping active sustain health and weight loss goals, but lower stress and anxiety during the busy holidays.

Enjoy the Holidays

Last but certainly not least... Enjoy yourself! Most health experts encourage individuals to focus on maintaining weight during the holidays. This helps lower the risk of feeling deprived and stressed, which can eventually backfire.

Ultimately, with a positive attitude and approach, you can build happy memories while ensuring health goals simultaneously this holiday season!