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Weight Loss Exercise Tips

Unfortunately, there's not a single exercise that burns more fat than another. However, you can learn how to successfully lose weight fast with these exercise regimens and tips!

Weight Loss Exercise Tips

What Exercise Burns the Most Fat?

Unfortunately, there really is not a single exercise that burns the most fat, just like there is not one food that results to weight loss and optimizes health. But by implementing these ideas, strategies, and exercises, you can lose weight fast!

Work Out Early

The early bird catches the worm... And the exercise gains! Working out early can be highly advantageous for your weight loss efforts, as hitting the gym in the morning can heighten energy levels and stimulate lasting motivation. From laying out clothes the night prior to waking up to energetic music, here are
4 motivators to achieve an awesome morning workout

Get Intense with HIIT

Also known as high-intensity interval training, HIIT became recognized and advocated as a quick means for weight loss. Primarily related to the use of both aerobic and anaerobic energy systems, HIIT can accelerate weight loss without lengthy workouts at the gym. HIIT mostly consists of intense bursts of movement accompanied by seconds of rest and continued on repeat for various and numerous cycles. Tabata, a form of HIIT, can also be beneficial to weight loss efforts with more information found here.

Lift Weights

Though aerobic exercise is beneficial, strength and resistance training should not go unnoticed. Lifting weights is imperative for not only increasing strength, but lessening body fat and sculpting a lean body. Gaining muscle mass and reducing body fat ultimately accelerates metabolism, even when at rest! Especially in the beginning stages of weight lifting, start slow to reduce the risk of injury, even feeling free to use self body weight to better grasp the movements. Partnering up with a workout buddy can also facilitate safe weight lifting and provide accountability and motivation.

Optimize Downtime

Instead of using downtime to surf through social media accounts or sit in front of the television, optimize your extra minutes to get active. Although a rigorous workout in the morning hours is effective, keeping active throughout the day can not only heighten energy levels, but accelerate weight loss efforts. Stay active by parking far away from the entrances, taking the steps over the elevator, and walking the dog around the neighborhood. By being more active, you are working your metabolism, burning calories, and improving overall physical and mental health!

Stretch It Out

Though stretching does not directly result to rapid weight loss, it can help speed up your results. Stretching is extremely important to successful recovery to keep you agile enough to continue rigorous exercises. Whether it be a gentle walk, a stretching routine, or foam rolling, stretching warm muscles and keeping the blood flowing can stave off intense soreness days after workouts.

Cooking Abs Outside of the Gym

But as the theory states, "Abs are made in the kitchen!" To truly amplify your weight loss efforts, pair your exercise regimen with a nutritious diet. Well-balanced meals should mostly consist of nutrient-dense foods, including whole grains, colorful produce, lean and plant-based protein sources, milk and dairy products, and healthy fat sources.

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