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Workout Tips

This section of our health library is devoted to – you guessed it – workout tips! Learn about all things fitness in these articles that are designed to help you get up and get moving, regardless of your physical ability.

4 Motivators to Achieve an Awesome Morning Workout

For some, waking up in the wee morning hours is a losing battle. And waking up to workout? Hitting that snooze button may have just won that war. But with these morning motivations, your inspiration may just be awakened and ready to conquer an awesome workout!

4 Motivators to Achieve an Awesome Morning Workout

Early Morning Workout Motivation

1. Start Slow
If goals are perceived as too difficult or daunting, your motivation to tackle them may be inhibited based on fear and uncertainty. So rather than biting off more than you can chew, start slow, as you are more likely to adhere to smaller goals. Even if it means starting by putting on your tennis shoes and walking out the door, that is at least a step in the right direction and out of bed!

2. Pep Talk
Rather than signing onto external social media outlets, start the morning with an internal, motivational morning pep talk! Start by addressing your thankfulness for another day and highlight what you would like to achieve. And rather than being harsh on yourself for not accomplishing yesterday's plans, focus on future goals based on inner passion and confidence. It is important to stay true to yourself while keeping it simple and refined, as identifying and elaborating on too many critiques can cause mental frustrations that may interfere with physical action. That pep talk may just offer you a little more pep in your step not just during the workout, but throughout the day's entirety!

3. Personal and External Motivators
Sometimes getting out of bed is as simple as saying "I can do this!" or sometimes not... So if a motivational pep talk is not enough, acknowledge your personal and external motivators. Examples may include gaining strength for maintaining lifelong independence or reducing heart disease risk so you can continue taking family vacations each year. Make an inspirational board with favorite motivational quotes and pictures of the ones who inspire you, including close friends, family members, and recognized celebrities. Additionally, move that dress you have been wanting to fit into again towards the front of your closet. Continuously visualizing your motivators can heighten your efforts, leading you closely to your goals!

4. Be Prepared
Be prepared to kick off the day by having the morning's necessities ready to go, including workout gear, work attire, and meals ready. And if laying out workout clothes still turns into more snooze time, actually wear them to bed! (Well, maybe not the tennis shoes...) But workout clothes are generally comfortable enough to continue sleeping in a relaxed position. And as mentioned, have meals ready to go or at least on your mind, as that a.m. post-recovery meal is essential for replenishing energy stores and stimulating muscle growth!

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Written By Sarah Asay, RDN. Published on November 07, 2012. Updated on April 25, 2019.


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