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18 Fun & Healthy Date Ideas for a Healthy Relationship

If you want to get closer to your partner and your goals, date night is a great way to stay connected. Luckily, there are many ideas that check both boxes. Plus, pursuing health goals with a loved one creates a built-in accountability partner.

18 Fun & Healthy Date Ideas for a Healthy Relationship

Looking for fun dating ideas? Don’t forget that a healthy date can be a fun date, too. Fun activities for couples become even more enriching when wellness is involved. 

Read on for healthy date ideas, including active date ideas along with nutritious and delicious date night ideas.

Healthy Date Ideas: Nutritious & Delicious Fun

Although it’s nice to be indulgent every once in a while, eating healthy as a couple can reduce the risk of developing serious chronic diseases down the line. Look to the following ideas for delicious date night inspiration. 

At-Home Baking Contest 

Big fan of The Great British Baking Show? Host your own baking contest for two from the comfort of your own kitchen. Bonus points if you use naturally sweet substitutes to create tasty desserts instead of filling them with sugar. 

A Quick Coffee Date (or Tea Time) 

Short on time? Meet up for a quick coffee date or tea time. To encourage some friendly competition, see who can order the healthiest Starbucks® drink without sacrificing flavor. 

Don’t consume caffeine? Enjoy an herbal tea, hot chocolate, or refreshing lemonade (just be sure to look out for added sugars).

Attend a Cooking Class 

If you struggle to create home-cooked meals, a cooking class for two may be perfect for you. Put your skills to the test, or learn some new skills along the way! Learn how to replicate a romantic meal at home. 

Don’t know where to start? Groupon often offers cooking classes at a discount, and is a great way to find good deals for a cooking class double or group date. 

Look for a Local Farmer’s Market 

Instead of a pricey meal, peruse the booths of a farmer’s market. Shopping locally is a great way to connect with your community, and often the food is fresher and less processed. Homemade goods are also usually for sale, and you may be able to spoil your significant other with a thoughtful and unique gift (like home-crafted soaps or jewelry). 

Find a Local Fair or Festival 

Speaking of local attractions, annual fairs and festivals are a fun way to experience your community. Enjoy unique food truck foods, cook-off contest winners, and small-batch sweets. Then, walk them off while you see the sites! 

If you’re keeping track of calories, opt to split a high-calorie main dish. Alternatively, look for “mini” sized treats or agree on an appetizer to share. 

Living Room Picnic

Weather not cooperating? No need to worry. Activities like picnics can be just as fun indoors. 

To set the perfect picnic mood, set out a blanket or rug you wouldn’t mind getting dirty (in the case that spills occur). Next, select the perfect picnic spread for two. Charcuterie boards are a popular pick and can include healthy food combinations, such as: 

• Fruit and yogurt-based dip 
• Dried fruit and mixed nuts 
• Lean meats and cheese cubes/slices 
• Vegetables and hummus 

Visit or Volunteer at a Community Garden

Surprisingly, this date does double duty. When visiting a community garden, you can find affordable produce or volunteer your time planting food that will benefit your neighbors in the community. 

Additionally, gardening counts as exercise and can help you meet your movement goals for the day. Gardening also provides the perfect opportunity for conversation. 

Active Date Ideas: Fun Activities for Couples

Looking for a fun activity that keeps you active? The following couples’ activities can keep you feeling connected while also helping you burn calories and stretch your intellect. 

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt often doubles as a walking tour and can be a fun way to explore your own city. Use a search engine to find a scavenger hunt or photo scavenger hunt of your city. You can even add in places that are meaningful to you, such as where you got engaged or made a big life decision. 

If your scavenger hunt involves tasting different foods, this is a great way to work off calories in between stops. 

Escape Room

Instead of staying at home watching another crime or a detective show, enter a real-life problem-solving scenario. Escape rooms are fun activities that have you solve a number of problems in order to get out of the room. Most rooms have a time limit of 45 minutes to 1 hour, and you’ll likely be moving most of the time. 

Many escape rooms are based on an era or theme, so you can choose one based on your interests as a couple. Like cooking classes, Groupon is a great place to look for escape room deals, and escape rooms are great for bigger group dates.

Horseback Riding

What’s more romantic than horseback riding together? This activity can be bonding, even if you don’t have a beach nearby. It’s a great way to get out into nature and horseback riding—even at a slow speed—can surprisingly burn about 200-300 calories per hour!

Ice Skating

No need to wait until Christmastime to feel like you’re starring in a Hallmark movie. Often when ice skating, two people have differing levels of skills. In other words, it’s likely one of you will get the opportunity to practice patience while the other will get the opportunity to try something new. 

In any case, ice skating is a great way to brush up on nonverbal communication as you support one another (sometimes literally), and can help you and your partner feel like you’re on the same page. If you don’t have an ice skating rink close by, roller skating can also be fun and fitness-promoting. 

Bike Ride

Want to see the sites in your city, but don’t feel like walking? Buy or rent bikes to get around. This is an affordable way to get from one place to another while traveling, too. 

In terms of calories, you’ll burn about 200-400 every 30 minutes. That’s 400-800 calories combined as a couple!

Dance Class

Taking a dance class together can be extra romantic. Whether you’re learning the steps to more sensual styles of dance to opting for a freestyle, you’ll be burning around 250-500 calories per hour. As mentioned above, Groupon is a great place to find group rates for classes. 

Can’t afford a class? Brush the dust of an old game of “Just Dance.” Alternatively, you can look up dancing tutorials on Youtube. 

Bungee Jumping

Searching for an adrenaline rush? Experiencing something daring as a couple can increase your connection. Bungee jumping is a great way to know you can face your fears together.

In addition, bungee jumping is considered a form of exercise, thanks to an increase in heart rate and adrenaline. The resistance of the cord also requires strength of the core muscles, legs, and arms and may provide additional health benefits related to balance, coordination, flexibility, and stress relief.


Walking and hiking offer a great opportunity for talking. Especially if you’re going through a stressful time, hiking can be an affordable and therapeutic activity. 

Plus, hikes are often available for different skill levels. For example, you can look for beginner hikes in your area if you and your partner are first-timers. Be sure to pack snacks, sunblock, and any other necessities you might need. 

Game Night

Game night can be a fun way to involve indoor or outdoor fitness. Whether you’re playing as two or inviting another couple, choose from the following ideas: 

• Charades 
• Corn hole 
• Hopscotch
• Indoor bowling 
• Pickleball (many modern neighborhoods have a court close by) 
• Yard Jenga 

Board Games and Card Games 

Mental fitness counts, too! Stretch your intellect by playing a board or card game. If you’re playing as a couple, you’ll want to seek out games that can be played with only two people (often labeled “2+ players”). 

If your date happens to be last minute, no need to worry. Many games, such as Heads Up, are available in app form. Simply search your smartphone’s app store or search online for your new favorite. 

Read a Book

Another brain-boosting activity to participate in as a couple is reading. Reading together can be especially bonding when you choose to read the same book and then discuss topics you found interesting together. 

If you’re struggling in a certain area of life, you can choose to read a book about that topic in particular. For example, if your finances or spending habits are not where you hope them to be, you can read a book about wise money management together and then discuss what needs to change. You may not get through a whole book in one evening but you can read a chapter together and then talk about it and/or set goals afterward. 

Paperbacks may not be your thing, and that’s okay! Instead, purchase or rent an audiobook to listen to together. Many services offer family-sharing when it comes to audiobook subscriptions. Plus, you can merge mental stimulation and physical fitness by listening to a book together while you cycle, run, or participate in another activity (like chores).

In Conclusion on Healthy Date Ideas for Couples 

“Fun” and “healthy” dates aren’t mutually exclusive. You can have a good time while also working towards your wellness goals. Plus, learning new skills or creating new habits together can be especially bonding. 


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