15 Fun & Active Date Night Ideas to Plan

Whether touring the city or taking a dance class, go off the beaten path with these fun and active date ideas!

15 Fun & Active Date Night Ideas to Plan

As you journey down the road to weight loss, it helps to have a partner who takes in the sights and share successes.

But when you are dynamic duo committed to improving health as you are to each other, sedentary, indoor date ideas seem more conducive to expanding your waistlines than horizons.

While dinner and a movie can certainly still be enjoyed, go off the beaten path with these active date ideas!

15 Fun & Active Date Night Ideas

Whether touring the city or taking a dance class, you do not want to miss out on these fun date ideas!

1. Tour Your City

Play tourist in your very own city! This active date idea offers you and your date an energizing stroll throughout the town. Also gain a new appreciation for the unseen monuments, hole-in-the-wall establishments, and hidden gems in your own backyard.

Prior to the date, prepare a list of contiguous landmarks and destinations within a reasonable walking distance. Also, take into account their visiting hours.

2. Go Fishing

Gather the tackle box, drive to a nearby pond or lake, and go fishing! Bait the fishing lines, toss them into the water, and be rewarded with a double prize catch: A fish and a very impressed date.

If you can, take the fish home and use it for dinner. Beyond a basic fish fry, get creative with how you use the fish. For instance, whip up a fresh batch of fish tacos garnished with a colorful and zesty slaw mix.

3. Take a Dancing Class

Lively and active, taking a dance class can really take date night up a notch! There are many types of dance class types to choose from, including hip-hop and salsa dancing.

Loved the first salsa class? Sign up for the second! Not much of a salsa fan? Why not give hip-hop dancing a fair shot?

4. Explore a New Park

Head to the park for an adventure! Besides, the park offers many activities at any time of the day.

Not sure what to do? Don't worry! Here are some ideas:

• Grab a coffee from a local coffee shop then walk around a scenic trail.

• Pack a picnic and play frisbee at the park.

• Hit the basketball courts and shoot some hoops.

• Make it a group date and gather for a game of kickball.

• Head to the swing set and see who can swing the highest.

5. Volunteer to Dog Walk

Walking with a loved one at the park is fun and all... But volunteering combined with furry friends? Now that is a date idea you do not want to miss out on!

If signing up for dog walking is not available, explore other volunteer opportunities to do together. This may include a food pantry, local library, or museum.

6. Head to the Amusement Park

The amusement park is filled with thrill and adventure. And you will be having so much fun the steps taken to each ride and game will not feel like exercise!

7. Plant a Garden

Planting a garden is an active date idea for any duo with green thumbs and a penchant for the outdoors. In a plot in the backyard or a local garden, can plant a new garden section with favorite flowers or crops.

Gardening offers you an opportunity to live according to the same wholesome and sustainable principles by which you eat. It also allows you and your date to plant the seeds of the future and grow together.

Have crops ready to harvest? Make it a fun challenge and see who can create the most creative and appetizing dish with it!

8. Play Miniature Golf

Miniature golf is a fun way to move the body and have a little friendly competition!

Play each round for score (bonus points for making a hole-in-one). The winner gets to pick where to get ice cream or the next unique date idea!

9. Create a Scavenger Hunt

Especially with some preparation, a scavenger hunt can be a great idea for a group date. Prepare the hunt by developing include things to find, try, and do.

Use these ideas for inspiration:

• Find a bird nest

• Jump into a body of water

• Look for a red, green, and orange leaf

• Take a picture with an animal

• Build a foot tall sandcastle

Divide scavengers into couples and the team with the most completed tasks, wins a prize or the self-claimed title!

10. Take a Bike Ride

A bike ride can be as vigorous or leisurely as desired. For instance, go mountain biking or simply pedal around the neighborhood.

Bike riding also promotes heart health while building the legs and being gentle on the joints.

11. Geocache

Geocaching is an outdoor treasure-hunting game in which hidden objects are found by means of a GPS. It is a walkable, exploratory excursion to beautiful locales in your town or around the world. Really, there is an endless opportunity for teamwork and conversation!

All you need is a GPS-enabled device that allows you to navigate to each "cache." Simply download the official geocaching app to begin your date and find nearby geocaches.

12. Play Charades

Why resort to video games when you can act out your own show? Playing charades encourages you to let down guards and let loose.

Write down phrases, simple words, celebrities, animals, etc. on single strips of paper. Then, take turns pulling them from the pile and acting them out. You might just be tickled for hours!

13. Head to the Water

Take a road trip and head to the nearest river, lake, or another body of water. Water sports are not only fun but sure to torch some major calories, which may include:

• Kayaking

• Canoeing

• Paddleboarding

• Paddle boating

• Swimming

14. Try a Rock Climbing Class

Take your love to new heights with a rock climbing class! Rock climbing is a fun way to enhance endurance, strength, and flexibility.

Rock climbing also requires problem-solving skills. Help your partner identify routes to maneuver through.

15. Walk the Beach

Have the beach readily available? Take a romantic walk on it! Feel free to pack some grapes, sliced cheeses, and a bottle of wine to share.

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