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Testimonial from Robin Davis

Testimonial from Robin Davis

First of all, I want to thank you for being so courteous whenever I call with requests or questions. Dealing with your company has been a joy and so easy. And that's the second of all. I knew I wanted to get on a nutritious program that would help me lose weight and I have found this program so EASY. Easy to stick with - the food is delicious. Easy to lose weight - I lost 4 pounds last week and 2 this week.

But the thing that was a surprising bonus was the added family time. Usually when I'm on a diet I spend a lot of time planning meals and finding recipes. Then I spend more time grocery shopping for special products. And of course there's time in the kitchen cooking and cleaning. And that's where the program is really easy. I just pick out a meal, pop it in the microwave for a few minutes and serve it on a plate. Cleanup is a breeze - I put the individual plastic pouches in the larger one the meal came in and toss it in the trash. All that's left to clean is one plate, a fork and a knife. Since my whole family is on the program for dinners, we all enjoy the extra time!

Thanks for making it all so easy!

-Robin Davis
Matthews, NC