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Hearing Your Success Stories: The Sweet Sound of Joy, Laughter, and Promise

Hearing your success stories gives all of us a sense of pride and motivation.

Hearing Your Success Stories: The Sweet Sound of Joy, Laughter, and Promise

Nothing gives us more joy than hearing the achievements that many of you share with us.

From personal triumphs over diminishing circumstances, to a new-found love for life after losing 20 pounds, here are some inspirational testimonials, told by you, that gives us hope for your promise of a better life.

"I love this program!"

"I feel so lucky to be a part of it. BistroMD is a miracle for me. Before beginning the program I had gone through some life changing events including the break-up of an engagement. Well, "TastiDlite" called my name far too often. Now with bistroMD, I lost 6 pounds in the first week!"

"Thank you for everything!"

-Ann Heckathorn

New York, NY

"OMG! I'm thrilled I found you!"

"I also wanted to tell you how impressed I am. I have done the Zone as well as Sunfare and I am happily surprised with the thoroughness of your shipment and instructions and labeling and of the taste. OMG! I am thrilled to have found you. Tell Dr. Cederquist I said, "Thank you.'"

-Kimberly Quackenbush 

Martinez, CA

"My body is healthy from the inside out!"

"I had wonderful health news this week since I have been on this diet. My blood cholesterol and triglycerides were so low that I am off of my Lipitor. First time in over 12 years! My body is healthy from the inside out!"

-Susan Alpert

New York, NY

"Thank you! I've lost 13 pounds!"

"I am very happy with this way of eating. I am extremely busy and I have tried all the diets: South Beach, The Zone, Sugar Busters, but have had trouble with finding the time to cook and portion control. This takes care of those two problems and gives me some extra time, because I don't have to go to the grocery store. Going to the grocery store was also a big source of temptation that I don't have to face anymore. I have something to look forward to because I am anticipating my night out. I feel balanced and have been extremely productive over the last two weeks. Thank you, bistroMD! I've lost 13 pounds!"


"Every time I get a compliment, I have to thank my daughter for telling me about bistroMD."

"BistroMD is amazing, especially for busy people who tend to sabotage no matter how good our intentions! I easily hit my 14 pound goal, and have maintained it for over two months now, without any real effort. At age 57, that is not an easy thing to do. The biggest change has been the simple way of choosing what I eat, whether at home or in a restaurant--fish or chicken is my first choice. I always knew what to do, but it actually became a habit by eating and very much enjoying the prepared meals. I needed the "re-education." Every time I get a compliment on my weight loss, I have to thank my daughter for telling me about bistroMD."

-Beth Saleson

Riverside, CA

"Once you eat bistroMD, you'll never eat processed meals again!"

"Before I used to buy all those frozen Lean Cuisine type meals and those do not compare to bistroMD. Once you have bistroMD, you will never eat those horribly processed meals again. BistroMD is the only thing for me!"

-Dennyse Stanford

Sammamish, WA

"BistroMD takes care of me."

"I can go wherever: I'm a busy working mom, family caregiver, and graduate student. BistroMD 'takes care' of me by providing delicious and nutritious meals right to my doorstep. It's wonderful! I've lost 10 pounds, 5% of my body mass, and 5 inches!"

-Anita Simon

Boulder, CO

"To date, I've lost over 50 pounds."

"I am so pleased with bistroMD. To date, I've lost over 50 pounds. This is the lowest that I've been in over 18 years. When I started the diet, I weighed in at 350 pounds."

-Concetta Welton

Meriden, CT

"Thank you for what you do!"

"I just had to take a quick break from my lunch to tell you how WONDERFUL your food is. This is my first meal, and I'm so excited about getting on the right track with eating such delicious food! Thank you for what you do!"

-Robin Davis

Matthews, NC 

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