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How Working Couples Can Create & Keep A Healthy Eating Schedule

Struggling to find the time to eat healthy as a busy, working couple? Find out how to build and sustain a healthy eating schedule together here!

How Working Couples Can Create & Keep A Healthy Eating Schedule

Looking for the perfect healthy eating schedule for working couples? It may seem impossible to get dinner on the table with everything going on. 

However, a few helpful tips for cooking for busy professionals can help get food on the table. Read on for five of the top healthy eating solutions for working couples. 

Common Challenges for Busy Couples Who Cook

Feeling alone is easy when trying to do it all. Sometimes, it helps to remember that there are others who share the same challenges. 

Some common roadblocks couples face when it comes to healthy eating and busy schedules include lacking ingredients, time, and inspiration.

Missing Ingredients

Ever arrive home just to find the fridge or pantry is missing needed ingredients? This is a common frustration that can be extremely frustrating in the pursuit to eat healthy during a busy season. 

Not Enough Time 

Whether it is poor time management or simply too many tasks on one’s plate, not having enough time can feel crushing. Managing to feed two (or more) people can feel like an afterthought when schedules fill up. 

Lack of Inspiration

Leftovers can seem uninspiring, especially when fast food is calling your name. A lot of waste ends up in the trash when day-old food leaves minds uninspired. 

7 Healthy Eating Solutions for Working Couples

Healthy eating may feel impossible for working couples but there are a couple of top tips that really do work! The following healthy eating hacks can help couples stay on track with their health goals. 

1. Look to Quick & Simple Recipes

Healthy cooking does not have to be a day-long event. In fact, these quick recipe ideas come together in 15 minutes or less! 

Other healthy ideas include:

• Avocado toast and eggs
• Protein-packed blender recipes and smoothies like chocolate banana and peach, raspberry and basil
Overnight oats
• A hearty salad with a simple homemade salad dressing
Edamole paired with sliced veggies 

Overall, aim to balance the meal with lean protein, fiber, and healthy fat. The balance of nutrients not only aids in weight loss but is essential for optimal health. 

2. Enjoy Lunch with Ease

A quick lunch is much more than that standard peanut butter sandwich or dry piece of chicken breast sided with lackluster broccoli. Revamp that lunch menu with the ideas above or these healthy lunch ideas for work, including a variety of vibrant salads and healthy spin on pizza!

3. Prep Ingredients Ahead Of Time 

Shift the mindset of meal prep to something a little more manageable. Chopping, dicing, and setting aside ingredients takes mere moments but can make the cooking process so much quicker down the line. 

4. Utilize Freezer Meals

Classic family meals and casseroles generally freeze well. Don't be afraid to freeze the base of a dish and then get fancy with the garnishes and healthy, low-fat toppings come dinner time.

5. Give Leftovers a Second Life

Add a little bit of fun to dinnertime by seeing who can best utilize leftovers. Make it a contest to see who can liven up the ingredients on hand around the house. For example, a simple roast can turn into quesadillas, sandwiches, and even a soup. 

6. Start Up The Slow Cooker

Ironically, the slow cooker usually means dinner in a flash! It takes only seconds to dish up something that has been slowly cooking all day. Make sure to stay feeling full after dinner by eating healthy and high-protein crockpot recipes

7. Make Peace With Meal Delivery 

Meal delivery, even for just a few days a week, can help to take the pressure off busy couples. There are meal plans for all ages and needs. 

Most take minimal preparation but still produce a tasty, balanced, and healthy meal! Forgo the grocery guilt and hop on the meal delivery bandwagon for healthy foods that taste like home cooking!

The Bottom Line On Busy Schedules 

There is no "right" way to eat healthy for busy people and couples. Simply knowing a few food hacks and setting aside 5-10 minutes a day for minimal prep is plenty! 

Find what works for individual schedules by picking one tip and starting today. 


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