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10 Tips for Success on the bistroMD Program

Longer and healthier living can be achieved through how we eat and live. We hope these 10 tips for success help you achieve lasting success on the bistroMD program!

10 Tips for Success on the bistroMD Program

10 Tips for Success on the bistroMD Program

1. Follow the Simple Menu
Though it might sound too good to be true, success is as simple as following the menu! Simply eat what you're given, including the three daily meals and offered snacks. Doing so helps boost energy and cognition, along with keeping hunger levels at bay to subside cravings. Oh, while water is not included... Be sure to drink at least 64 ounces per day for optimal results.

2. Organize Your Meals
Organize your meals by day and type of meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner) to make planning meals that much easier. The color of the bistroMD meals also directly correlates to the type of meal it is: Purple for breakfast, green for lunch, and red for dinner.

3. Enjoy Variety
The bistroMD menu features over 200 rotating recipes, allowing you to incorporate and enjoy variety in your diet. But with featured meals including egg and tomato scramble with chocolate chip muffins, chicken mushroom crepes with sweet potato hash, merlot meatballs with polenta, pork tenderloin with mushroom Marsala, breaded catfish with tartar sauce and slaw salmon with bell pepper coulis, hatch green chile and pork stew (well, you get the point...), meal burnout is far from likely!

4. Ask Questions
Don't be shy... bistroMD's support team is more than willing to assist in all your questions! Your My bistroMD account also gives you the tools you want and the support you need. Customize your program by selecting your ingredient preferences and reviewing your entrees. It's fast and easy.

5. Join the bistroMD Community
Along with gaining support from the bistroMD team itself, join the online community. Utilizing the bistroMD Facebook page, members can gain inspiration and motivation from others. It is also important to be open about your diet to the other members of your household and share with them how important this weight loss process is to you.

6. Get Back On Track
While the bistroMD meals are prepared to perfection and so filling that you will not feel the need to cheat, we are all human and we should expect setbacks. But one of the great things about bistroMD is that if you do splurge at a party or celebration, the very next day you're back on track and there is no need to feel guilt!

7. Schedule FREE Call with Dietitian
Did we mention free? BistroMD offers the opportunity to freely speak with a Registered Dietitian (RD)! While bistroMD is one of the best diets to help lose weight, a knowledgeable and motivational dietitian will only excel your weight loss goals. And if you have a health condition such as diabetes, the RD is more than happy to work with you, and even help create a special menu just for you!

8. Celebrate All Wins
It is important to remember weight loss does not occur overnight and those small victories that lead to larger results should be recognized and celebrated. And really, a win is a win regardless of the size! So rather than setting large and overwhelming ambitions, tackle small and attainable goals to lead to large outcomes without risking feelings of discouragement.

9. Reward Yourself
Reward yourself for all the hard work you have put into your journey, as doing so also keeps you motivated throughout the entire process. Self-gift non-food related incentives, including a new pair of running shoes, headphones, or simply "you" time devoted to well-deserved relaxation!

10. Experience Life
With bistroMD, you can limit stressors of meal preparation all while ensuring your health goals are being met. Ultimately, bistroMD wants you to "Focus on living, not dieting!"