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Stuck Inside Guide: Healthy & Fun Indoor Activities

Lounging on the couch for the sixth day in a row out of boredom? Use this guide to maximize productivity, entertainment, connection, and health with fun at top of mind!

Stuck Inside Guide: Healthy & Fun Indoor Activities

Whether due to a rainy day, social distancing, whathaveyou, cozying up to the couch with comfort food tends to be a natural instinct.

Yes, a casual night-in with loved ones is just fine on occasion. But regularly doing so can lead to some negative outcomes on physical, mental, and emotional health.

Since schedules have likely loosened, though, use this indoor time to ignite creativity, health, and productivity with these tips.

And the best part? You will have fun doing so!

5 Things to Do Inside to Stay Healthy, Connected & Productive

Use this guide to maximize productivity, entertainment, connection, and health with fun at top of mind!

1. Make a Themed Family Meal

With time more on your side, skip out on frozen pizza and really impress your family with a themed family meal. Better yet, get all members involved!

Fun mealtime ideas include pizza night and #TacoTuesday. Indulge in an ice cream social with loved ones, too!

Pizza Night

Give each family member a mini pizza crust or English muffin. Let them top with sauce and favorite pizza toppings then bake in the oven. 

Serve with side salads, steamed broccoli, and other veggies as desired.


Have a fiesta in the comfort of home with a build-your-own taco night. 

Offer the best taco toppings for your own taco bar, including guacamole, salsa, and roasted corn.

But do not forget dessert…

Ice Cream Social

Offer favorite ice cream scoops and various toppings, including fresh berries, chocolate chips, and whipped cream.

Your kids will love having the autonomy to select toppings. And not to mention, having some control on the ingredients kept on hand!

While meals shared at the dinner table are special, also get creative with mealtime settings. For instance, ditch the fancy dishware, break out the paper plates, lay out a blanket for a cozy family picnic.

2. Stay Fit & Healthy at Home

Did you know you can stay healthy and fit without frequent visits to the gym? What's more, you can keep the body active with fun activities that the entire family can enjoy.

Unleash your inner child with these fun indoor activity and game ideas for kids and adults alike:

• Obstacle course in the living room
• Hide and seek
• Active board games
• Dance off with energizing music
• Bear walk or wheelbarrow races
• Pillow fights

If weather permits, take the fun inside around the house or neighborhood for some fresh air. This may include a family bike ride, scavenger hunt, or game of fetch.

3. Use Productive Hacks to Work from Home

"Homework" is not just students anymore! But when working from home, it can be hard to bypass sitting in front of the latest Netflix series.

Squash such pesky temptations and emerge motivation with these work from home hacks.

1. Develop a Morning & Nightly Routine

How you start your morning and end your day can really impact how you function as a remote worker.

Start your day right with maintaining a sense of structure. Make the bed, exercise, and get ready for the day ahead.

Likewise wind down from the day and create a healthy bedtime routine. Aim to stay consistent with bedtimes and power down from electronics.

2. Work in a Home-Based Space with Structured Hours

Lounging on the couch with a laptop is tempting, but it may not be the best way to get motivated. (Especially if that new Netflix series just launched…)

Designate a tidy workspace and ensure it is equipped with the tools and resources required for max workflow. A reliable computer system, internet, software, desk, and calendar are just a few common essentials.

Try to maintain office work hours to maintain a sense of structure. Try setting a time to disconnect from work like you would if leaving a regular office, too.

3. Schedule Work Breaks

Allow yourself mini work breaks to re-energize and recoup. Some refreshing ways to break up the day including taking a walk outside or putting away the dishes.

Just do not use this time to knock out a large load of laundry or clean the entire house.

Feeling stressed about the remaining laundry is counterproductive when you sit back down to your work.

4. Connect with Team Members

Feeling isolated from others can tarnish motivation and enthusiasm towards a short-term goal or work itself.

That being said, connect with team members on a regular basis. Try to check-in daily while scheduling productive meetings.

Speaking of connecting with others…

4. Connect with Others with Fun Indoor Activities for Adults

Try out the indoor games and activities below to connect with coworkers, family, and friends.

Some fun things to do with friends inside from afar may include forming virtual clubs and playing activity tag.

Form a Book Club

Take turns choosing a book to read with friends. Designate a day and time to discuss each chapter over coffee, tea, or wine.

Watch a Movie Together

Rather than gathering at the local movie theatre, bring movie night to you. Simply turn on a movie or take advantage of Netflix Party for live group chat.

Play Activity Tag

Missing your workout buddy or group exercise class? Give activity tag a try! 

Pick a few indoor exercises to do, including jumping jacks, sit ups, squats, and burpees. Tackle the workout, tag an indoor warrior to do the same, encourage them to tag someone new.

Designate Spirit Days

Get in the home team spirit with fun and creative spirit days. Take turns amongst a group designating a themed day, whether it be business casual or pajama day. Snap a photo and share!

5. Likewise Disconnect from Others

Being surrounded by loved ones is truly something to cherish during challenging times. However, honoring self-care is just as important to keep physical and emotional in check.

Gift yourself the invaluable time to eat balanced meals, exercise, sleep, and manage stress effectively. In turn, you are less likely to feel stressed and more apt to spend time quality with loved ones.

Ways to wind down and connect with yourself may include:

• Writing in a journal
• Taking a warm bubble bath
• Reading your favorite book
• Playing a video game
• Learning how to start running
• Practicing yoga and meditation

All-in-all, honor what brings you joy and give yourself some credit!