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Creating a lighter, healthier you is a multi-step process. One of the most important steps, and the main focus of this section, is exercise. Here we explore everything from the benefits of exercise to how much and how often it is necessary to promote weight loss.

10 Running Tips for Beginners

You may either love it, hate it, fall somewhere in between, or may have never neared the starting line… But despite feelings toward running, it boasts great physical and health benefits to its devotees. So whether it may be to try something new or for those ready to get back on track, run towards health with these 10 running tips for beginners!

10 Running Tips for Beginners

Tips for Beginner Runners

1. Wear the Right Attire
A good pair of shoes, socks, and running gear can make or break a good running regimen. Remember, your feet are going through abrupt forces against the pavement and they deserve the right support and comfort. Experts at running stores can assist in determining the proper shoe for your foot type, taking into consideration necessary support, cushion, and durability. Find a more detailed guide to buying the right running shoes here.

2. Easy Does It
Now that you look and feel the part, take it easy in the initial stages. Though it is certainly ambitious to project for a half or full marathon, it is absolutely important to remember there are several processes the body needs to endure and adapt for – aerobic capacity, breathing techniques, muscle stimulation and growth, etc. And though being ambitious is commendable, it may also lead to injury and causing potential backtrack.

3. Concentrate on Form
Although the motions and acts of running may seem like a mindless movement, it is much more than continuously striking your feet on the pavement. Understanding the mechanics and formations can not only prevent injury, but make you a more efficient runner. The video found here explains and breaks down proper running form.

4. Stay Consistent
It does take time and effort to notice changes regarding speed and duration. Although some runs may feel more daunting or discouraging than others, staying consistent is fundamentally the only way to gain the greatest running success. Remember, a “bad” run is better than no run! Signing up and training for a race can also nurture a regular running routine.

5. Embrace the Buddy System
If you can make yourself get up, tie up your running shoes, and get out there consistently, all the power to you! But as in various aspects of life, a buddy or support system can assist in tying up the shoes and making it all the way up to the finish line. Running with a partner can keep you motivated and accountable (for one another) to wake up and run or tackle it following a long work’s day. Local running groups and mobile apps with users across the world can also fuel your passion for the sport and build connections with others.

6. Compliment and Fuel with Nutrition
Nutrition plays a valuable role in health. But especially if trying to lose weight, it needs to be recognized. It is not uncommon for individuals to seek out running to assist in weight loss, only to notice no physical changes (and maybe even gain weight)! This mostly occurs to overcompensating with food, as they tend to justify that piece of cake for a few miles ran. This sort of mentality can create a calorie gain rather than deficit, ultimately raising the risk of weight gain. Find a detailed list of what to and what not to eat following a run or workout.

7. Do Not Only Run
While you may be running towards the recommended 150 minutes of aerobic activity each week, running 30 minutes to an hour most days and calling it “good” is not necessarily ideal. And though running consistently is imperative to notice progression, other activity should also be incorporated. Cross-training with other activities such as swimming, biking, and weight lifting can be extremely valuable to enhance muscles’ range of motions and can accelerate your running progress.

8. Stretch
While walking shaky legs to the couch may abruptly finish your workout, one must not forget about a significant piece to the running puzzle. Stretching is extremely important to successful recovery. Whether it be a gentle walk, a stretching routine, or foam rolling, keeping the blood flowing can stave off intense soreness days after.

9. Rest
Despite the ambition and motivation to stay consistent, allowing rest days is just as essential. Offering rest to your body gives it the opportunity to essentially heal itself and continuously adapt to the physical movements. Especially at the beginning stages, run only a couple to a few days each week, allowing yourself to adjust as tolerated but resting as needed.

10. Have Fun!
And last but certainly not least… Have fun! Embrace your new journey and thoroughly enjoy it. Because without enjoyment towards the exercise of choice, crossing the finish line is harder (maybe even doubtful) to occur!

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