Hollywood Actress Camille Guaty Loves BistroMD

Camille loved the bistroMD program and it's meals. Read her account and how she advocates it's "definitely worth it!"

Hollywood Actress Camille Guaty Loves BistroMD

With A-list celebrities promoting every diet you can think of, BistroMD has one of its very own: Hollywood actress and television star Camille Guaty.

As a regular on hit shows like, Prison Break, Las Vegas, and CSI, Camille Guaty knows how important it is to be healthy, without sacrificing essential nutrition.

With so many celebrities promoting fad diets these days, Hollywood actress Camille Guaty is taking the high road by staying healthy with physician-designed, chef-prepared meals delivered right to her, courtesy of BistroMD.

Who says you have to starve yourself in Hollywood in order to make it big? With BistroMD, you don’t have to. You can still eat delicious meals, and still lose weight.

“Thank you, BistroMD!”

“Being an actress, it is important to have healthy, nutritious meals available at all times. BistroMD made my life hassle-free. I was able to have three solid meals a day, without having to worry about the nutritional content.”

“I always knew I was eating what my body needed and I had the freedom to choose what I desired to eat that day.”

“While shooting Ghosts of Girlfriends Past in Boston for 2 months, my main concern was keeping a balanced diet. I didn't have time to do my normal exercise routine, and the food on set, while abundant, was always loaded with sugar and fat.”

“BistroMD definitely helped me keep my weight at the same level, without having to wake up at 4am to do a half hour of cardio. Not to mention, the food was delicious! Some of the other actresses would be envious of my meals I was eating throughout the day.”

"Thank you, again. I would tell anyone that BistroMD is definitely worth it!"

-Camille Guaty

In the video below, Camille Guaty shares with us what she has come to love about BistroMD, and why you don’t have to sacrifice good portions and good food in order to be healthy.

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