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Weight Loss Exercises to Whip Your Body into Shape

Exercises are the wing man to diet plans. Learn good ways to supplement your diet with healthy workouts.

Weight Loss Exercises to Whip Your Body into Shape

Your doctor tells you that you’re healthy enough to begin a new exercise regimen, but the gym can be a tough place to navigate if you’re not sure what you should do to shed those pesky pounds and reclaim your body.

These weight loss exercises and helpful tips will put you on the right track.

Work Out in the Morning

Although all exercise is helpful, the point of weight loss exercises are to maximize gains with minimal output.  In the morning, before breakfast, is the optimal time to burn fat. 

One study has actually shown that intense pre-breakfast workouts can counteract the effects of a bad diet more effectively than the same workout preformed after the first meal of the day.  That’s why it’s no surprise that many morning exercisers admit to feeling healthier throughout the day and also make better dietary choices.   

It will be a challenge to drag yourself out of bed in the morning, but there are many advantages to working out at the crack of dawn before you start your day. For starters, you’re less likely to skip your workout due to other commitments that will undoubtedly come up during the day. 

Interval Training

Once you’ve got your morning routine down pat, you can begin interval training.  Interval training is one of the best weight loss exercises and is essentially a cardio workout alternating between short high intensity bursts of power and longer periods of recovery.  The short time required to perform this type of exercise is also an added bonus.  

Weight Loss Interval Training Sample Workout

- Three to five minute warm-up – this should be done at a moderate pace and you should focus on preparing your muscles and body for the rest of the work out.  The warm-up also helps reduce your risk of injury.30 second high intensity sprit - this should get your heart rate going and by the end of the workout, you should be out of breath.

- 90 second recovery – while still moving at an easy to moderate pace, bring your breathing back to normal.

- Repeat the 30 second sprint followed by the 90 second recovery 9 more times.

- Three to five minute cool down – this brings your heart rate back to normal and gives your muscles a chance to recover.

This entire workout should take less than half an hour to complete and can be done on the treadmill, stationary bike or elliptical.  But it doesn’t have to be done at the gym. You could also run, bike or swim.  

For the best results, pair weight loss exercises with healthy eating

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