Exercising to Lose Weight the Healthy Way

Though there are numerous factors to weight loss, it usually follows when calories out exceed calories in. The combination of both a healthy diet and exercise can further facilitate weight loss. Ready to get started? Here are the best exercises and workouts to lose weight!

Exercising to Lose Weight the Healthy Way

Though there are numerous factors to weight loss, it usually follows when calories out exceed calories in. A natural deficit occurs in two ways: reducing calorie intake and burning calories through increased physical activity. The combination of both a healthy diet and exercise can further facilitate weight loss. Ready to get started? Here's how to lose weight by exercising!

Workouts to Lose Weight

There really is no right or wrong way to workout (or best workout to lose weight for that matter), just as long as you get up and active! Most fitness experts frequently agree a cardiovascular routine paired with strength training offers the most benefits. Cardio encompasses a wide variety of exercises, offering individuals with choices to accommodate personal preferences. Not much of a runner? Try biking, hiking, or swimming! Body weight exercises can be an effective route for strength training while increasing lean body mass and metabolism.

How to Lose Weight by Exercising at Home

Demanding lives and gym fear may disrupt exercise goals. Fortunately, workouts to lose weight can be completed right in the comfort of your home. But when implementing a workout plan at home, it is critical to eliminate any distractions - kids, electronics, anything that may prevent a full-length, effective workout. With all distractions aside, turn on your favorite music - it's time to get to cook up a "homemade" exercise regimen!

Before jumping into a workout, it is important to participate in some sort of warm-up. Do so with a light jog, bike ride, jumping jacks, or any other preferred exercise to elevate heart rate. A warm-up should last at least three to five minutes.

Cardiovascular training is extremely valuable for not only weight loss, but heart health. The American Heart Association recommends at least 150 minutes of activity per week for general healthy individuals. Obtain those minutes with a brisk walk, fun run, bike trail, or refreshing swim.

Squats promote strength, mobility, and balance. This squat guide demonstrates several squat variations that will strengthen your lower body.

A cardiovascular and leg strengthening exercise without skates needed! To start, get into a semi-squat position and leap sideways to land on your right foot. Immediately push off in the opposite direction and land on your left foot. Make sure you perform these continuously and in a swift manner.

Push-ups are one of the best exercises for the upper body and core. Think push-ups are only one designated parallel motion? Think again. Click here for 15 push-up variations. What's also great about push-ups? They can be completed almost anywhere, typically without added equipment, making them an excellent home exercise.

Though planks do not demand too much active movement, they are extremely effective in targeting core muscles. Get into plank form (similar to a push-up) with elbows bent, rather than stabilizing on your hands. Activate your core by contracting the ab muscles. The entire body should form a stable, straight line. Start with 30 second planks and increase time as their effort starts to reduce.

Plank Jacks
Plank jacks are essentially the combination of planks and jumping jacks, promoting both strength and cardiovascular training. Start a plank jack by getting into plank form, while keeping the upper body tight. Jump the feet outward as if you were doing a normal jumping jack. For a modified plank jack, step one foot in and out at a time. Return feet to the starting position, or the common plank, for one rep. Complete 15 reps for three rounds and increase as tolerated.

Add weights to further maximize workouts. Use a weight that you are most comfortable with. Advance to a larger weight once the other feels lighter and ineffective.

Cool Down
An effective cool down regimen can reduce pain and stiffness following a workout. Reduce heart rate by a light walk and stretch out muscles. Breathe deeply throughout and hold stretches for 10 to 30 seconds.

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