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11 Exercises to Lose Belly Fat

Getting rid of belly fat can be tough, especially considering busy schedules and the defeated energy after a long day. But those factors do not have to be excuses! Paired with a healthful diet, these 11 exercises can help you lose and beat the belly bulge once and for all!

11 Exercises to Lose Belly Fat

Aerobic Exercise and Strength Training to Lose Belly Fat

It is important to remember targeting weight loss in a specific body area is nearly impossible. Instead, total weight loss can help reduce fat in all areas of the body. Aerobic exercise for stomach fat reduction is highly recommended by most health experts, mostly attributed to calorie burning. Aerobic exercise should be practiced for at least 30 minutes most days of the week and include:

1. Running and Jogging
Running and jogging is an aerobic exercise that can be completed virtually anywhere! Tie up your favorite pair of shoes and trot around your neighborhood, at a scenic trail, or simply on a treadmill. It is an excellent approach to torch calories and target the core by maintaining a good, running form. Stay motivated with running by signing up and training for a future race!

2. Brisk Walking
Like running and jogging, brisk walking increases heart rate and torches calories. Walking with close friends and family is a great way to quickly pass time and make working out not seem so much like a dreaded chore! Incorporate more walking into your daily schedule by taking the stairs, parking further away from a door entrance, or waking up earlier to walk the dog.

3. Cycling
Though cycling is best known for its ability to strengthen the legs, it can also activate the core muscles. Powering the legs up hills also requires intense effort and torches calories. Try to make it a point to bike anywhere and everywhere possible - to work, the grocery store, or even cycling to the bike trail.

4. Swimming
Whether in a pool or lake, swimming targets virtually all major muscle groups. Though you may need feel the sweat following calorie burn, just one hour of swimming can torch an average of 500 calories! The gentleness of the water on joints and muscles continues to tone and build muscle without the stressful impacts of weights.

5. Recreational Sports
Sports such as basketball, tennis and soccer require lots of natural movements and running around. Grab friends and family and enjoy a little competition, all while burning tons of calories!

Strength Training

As previously mentioned, there is essentially no way to solely target belly fat. However, pairing aerobic training with strength training can further burn or melt stomach fat. Specifically, partaking in core-strengthening, belly fat exercises:

6. Yoga
Despite perceived assumptions of yoga, it is an exceptional strength training regimen. Yoga promotes stability and flexibility, the combination targeting and activating the core muscles.

7. Pilates
Attending a Pilates class is an excellent way to strengthen the core, as it is the main focus of the workout. Specifically, the back, glutes and legs work together to stabilize the core.

Single Exercises

In addition to yoga and Pilates classes, these single exercises contract and strengthen the core! Compliment an aerobic regimen with a sequence of these belly fat exercises:

8. Low-Belly Leg Reach

9. Plank Variations

10. Donkey Kickbacks

11. Medicine Ball Workouts
Use a medicine ball weight that feels most comfortable, but slightly challenging, to you!