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How to Stay In Shape While You Travel

Looking to stay fit and enjoy vaca simultaneously? Look no further than these vacation workout tips, including travel workouts with bands and without equipment!

How to Stay In Shape While You Travel

Getting into a consistent exercise schedule while navigating your normal routine at home and work can be effortless. Steady environments help control healthful choices and workout routines. 

However, traveling can throw a wrench in patterns of consistent workouts and fitness gains. This may cause some anxiety for what should be a fun and memorable occasion.

So, want to thoroughly enjoy your travel and stay in shape on vacation? Explore these travel workout ideas to meet both needs!

5 Ways to Make it Easy to Stay in Shape While On Vacation

When you think of vacation, the word relaxation generally comes to mind. Responsibilities want to be left at home and taken care of once returned. However, exercise does not need to be thought of as a chore, nor should it be. 

Allow yourself to thoroughly relax and enjoy your vacation. And if desired, add these ways to help make it easy to stay in shape on vacation.

1. Pack Clothes to Move In

Not packing workout clothes for vacation will likely (definitely) mean you won’t work out. However, packing workout clothes gives you the option to work out if you want to. 

Pack what you need to be able to move comfortably while lifting, walking, touring, etc. This might include:

• Workout clothes
• Supportive and comfortable shoes
• Headphones
• Water bottles
• Any transportable equipment (travel workout with band ideas below!)

Having it on hand during the trip will keep you reminded you are prepared to work out on vacation. For extra motivation, make a new playlist that you will look forward to during your next workout!

2. Plan to Get Your Workout Done Early

"The early bird catches the worm!" Rise and shine, put on your fitness gear, and defeat a morning workout. Clearing an exercise regimen early eliminates the pesky thought of "I still need to workout later..." throughout the day which can free up travel plans. 

Plan on making time in the morning for a workout while on vacation to get it in without conflicting with other travel schedules and plans. The workout will not be dangling over your head and the day can be enjoyed that much more. 

As an added bonus, your energy levels will be heightened for whatever else the day brings!

3. Explore on the Go

Although relaxation is certainly sought out during vacation, take advantage of exploring new or unfamiliar towns and cities. Search for free or appealing attractions the area offers and explore away. Go on a hike, bike tour, rent kayaks, or simply put on your comfy shoes and walk the area.

Since traveling usually leads to eating out, take strolls after meals to help ease digestion. In fact, you could schedule a walking food tour to enjoy local cuisine but also get in extra steps while seeing a new city.

4. Look for Accommodations That Make It Easy to Exercise

Big or small, most hotels feature some sort of fitness facility. Make do with offered equipment and try to tackle at least a 20 to 30-minute workout. Exercise early in the morning or while waiting your turn to use the shower. 

If your place of stay does not provide an exercise area, look for a place to stay that is close to community parks, hiking areas, or fitness centers you can easily get day passes to. 

5. Take the Stairs

This may seem like a simple, standard rule of thumb but it can truly supplement your fitness routine. Avoid the hotel elevator and take the steps up to your room, to and from breakfast, or after grabbing a drink from the vending machine. Further do so in parking garages, malls, and anywhere else stairs are offered!

5 Travel Workout Ideas That Can be Done Anywhere

Are you looking to stay in step with your normal fitness routine while traveling? The good news is there are many travel-friendly workouts that can be done in a hotel room or any other smaller space with limited equipment. 

In fact, these travel workout ideas can provide a great body workout whether traveling or at home!

1. Band Exercises

Don’t have access to weights on vacation? You can still get a strength training workout with something that will easily fit into any luggage: resistance bands. Packing these will provide a way to still work all muscle groups without the bulk of weights or other gym equipment.

Resistance bands can provide an efficient way to tone the whole body. You can do lunges, squats, bicep curls, deadlifts, lateral raises, and many more exercises traditionally with weights.

2. Body Weight Circuits

No workout equipment on vacation? No problem! 

You can do bodyweight workouts without equipment and still get a good workout. In fact, many Tabata or high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts can be done without any workout equipment making them a travel-friendly exercise.

3. Walk, Run, Hike, or Bike

Walking can be done almost anywhere with just comfortable clothes, shoes, and can also serve as a lovely way to explore a new place. Doing some research ahead of time can also provide good areas to run or hike in your travel destination. There may even be a race you could sign up for while traveling.

Depending on where you travel, renting bikes or other outdoor equipment could be a fun way to exercise while enjoying the outdoors.

4. Workout at a Park or Playground

Speaking of exercising outside, consider doing a travel workout in a park or playground instead of staying in a hotel room or other accommodations. Park benches, swings, monkey bars, and steps can all serve as non-traditional exercise equipment in the beautiful outdoors.

5. Workout Videos

Have wifi, a phone, or a tablet while on vacation? Take out the guesswork with what to do for a workout and follow along with a workout video on YouTube or other streaming services. Whether yoga, barre, HIIT, or whatever else exercise you enjoy, it can be found wherever you are on vacation.

Vacation Workouts In Summary

While there is nothing wrong with relaxing on a vacation, sometimes you may want to keep the momentum going by working out even when you are traveling. Staying in shape on vacation can be easier when you prepare for it by:

• Packing the right clothes and optional travel workout gear 
• Planning to get it done in the mornings
• Making working out convenient with accommodations near outdoor or indoor exercise spaces

Exercise and be a tourist together by exploring via walking, hiking, biking, or paddling. If wanting more structured workouts during travels, consider bringing bands, doing bodyweight exercises, or following workout videos in addition to working out outside.