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How will bistroMD help me lose weight?

BistroMD is based on the proven approach of Dr. Caroline Cederquist. Unlike other diet programs where you eat small, bland, or tasteless meals, you’ll be eating larger portions of tasty chef-made meals to help you achieve your goals.

The bistroMD weight loss journey on this program has four stages:

  1. Reclaim – Get back your time and energy as you enjoy, the delicious meals from bistroMD, delivered ready to heat at your door. Getting rid of those uncontrollable cravings, allowing you to correct your metabolism naturally.
  2. Transform – Your body will start to adjust to its new metabolism, and you may notice yourself not only looking better but feeling better.
  3. Stabilize – It usually takes your body about six months to stabilize at its new weight. Quick weight loss is often unhealthy, or unsustainable. The bistroMD program is about fixing your body’s balance, allowing you to keep the results you worked to achieve.
  4. Educate – The final and most important part of the program is to educate you on what a healthy lifestyle is and ease your transition into one to keep you healthy for years to come.

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