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How will eating snacks help me lose weight?

The protein-based snacks from bistroMD are designed to keep your blood sugar stable and curb your food cravings. They also make sure that your metabolism stays steady throughout the day. If you have opted for a bistroMD plan without snacks, it is important that you add in your own snacks to insure youre getting enough calories and protein to lose weight.

In between meals your blood sugar can get low and your body will gravitate towards eating something high in carbohydrates in order to raise your blood sugar quickly. Sugar laden snacks will cause your blood sugar to spike and then drop, causing cravings. Your body will still want the sugar, or the carbohydrates and the cycle will begin again.

Starving yourself between meals will also hurt your weight loss progress by putting your body into what we like to call “starvation mode”. When you don’t drink enough water or have enough of the right food during the day, your body’s instinct will be to hold onto everything it gets. When your body holds onto everything you intake, it becomes much harder to lose weight, and in some cases you may see weight gain.

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