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Discover everything you need to know about women’s nutrition in this section devoted solely to woman’s issues. Topics covered include weight gain during menopause, and tips on how to detect and avoid breast cancer.

How to Lose Weight After Pregnancy

Losing weight after pregnancy is a shared goal of postpartum women, with the most challenging part being finding balance between newborn and goals. With these practical tips, women can lose baby weight once and for all!

How to Lose Weight After Pregnancy

Losing weight after pregnancy is a shared goal of postpartum women. Another common denominator amongst new moms is trying to balance life with the new baby, finding it difficult to juggle and honor weight loss goals. But with some practical tips, women can lose baby weight once and for all!

How to Lose Weight After Pregnancy

Ditch Diets. The word "diet" often comes with thoughts of calorie and food restrictions, which can even interfere your post-pregnancy weight loss goals. And with the innate stress of stepping into the role of mom, the last thing you need is the added pressure of meeting rigid diet guidelines. Ditch so-called "diets" and incorporate a well-balanced variety of foods, including whole grains, fruits and veggies, lean and plant-based proteins, and healthy fat sources.

Practice Meal Prep
Preparing freezer meals before the baby arrives is a common practice amongst pregnant women, supplying mom and family with convenient options. But if baby has arrived and the freezer is empty, you can still benefit from the practice of meal prepping. When grandma is babysitting or baby is napping, use a few hours to prepare some upcoming meals you can enjoy at home, beating the temptation of calling in for a pizza or heading to a fast food drive thru.

Increase Water Intake
Along with ensuring adequate nutrition, keep hydrated. Increasing water intake not only lessens the risk of postpartum constipation, but can assist in your weight loss goals. And especially if swapping sugary beverages with water, its intake can save you hundreds of calories on a regular basis. Whether in the diaper bag or by the rocking chair, keep water bottles accessible and convenient to help guarantee the general recommendation of 64-ounces of water daily.

Though breastfeeding is based on personal preference and should not be a promoted as a means for weight loss, both mom and baby can benefit from the practice. Breastfeeding requires adequate nutrition and calories from mom, which may offer more diet leeway and accelerate weight loss efforts. For baby, they are ensured easily digestible nutrients needed for optimal growth. And for both mom and baby, the bond between the two is nurtured and strengthened.

Take Power Naps
With a new baby, you may be (probably) falling short of the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep each night. Not only can this take a hit to your mood and energy levels, but increase your desire for high-sugar and calorie foods and lead to some unwelcomed weight gain. A quick 20-minute power nap when baby is asleep can help detour such risks, all while encouraging a more positive mindset and mood to relish with your growing family.

Tackle Workouts
Though fulfilling and honoring sleep cycles takes top precedency, tackle a workout whenever possible. Exercise can also be quick and in the comfort of your own home, including these 10-minute workout ideas and a 30-minute boot camp workout. Mommy meet-ups are also gaining popularity, allowing moms and babies to connect at parks and other local areas to walk, interact, and build social connections amongst both generations.

Ask for Help
Becoming a new mom can be overwhelming, so do not hesitate to ask for help! Turn to family, friends, or professional help in times of need to ensure both physical and emotional help. If desiring meal assistance and seeing weight loss results in just a few short weeks, bistroMD can also come to your mommy rescue! BistroMD delivers well-balanced, fast, and convenient meals directly to your doorsteps, all without the hassle and stress of tackling the grocery store and kitchen amongst your busy day. They also offer individual plans for women to meet nutritional needs and accommodate personalized health goals. Find more information on bistroMD offers at their official webpage here or by calling 866-401-3438 today!

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