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protein snacks designed with weight loss in mind

Add Essential and Tasty Snacks to Your Program

Wait, I can snack to lose weight?

Yes! In fact, snacking is essential for maintaining and losing weight. Consistent snacking helps maintain blood-sugar levels, keeping you full and preventing your body from storing excess fat.

How should I snack?

Aim for roughly 150 calories including 10-15 grams of protein per snack on average. Our recommended snack program is called EATS, Essential and Tasty Snacks, takes the guesswork out of snacking.

We recommend that the average female has two snacks per day, and the average male has three snacks per day. Our team of Registered Dietitians can provide you with their recommendations and tailor your snacking to help you reach your personalized goals.

What makes bistroMD snacks different?

The bistroMD EATS program is designed to keep your metabolism revived, your blood sugar stable, and fat burning. We accomplish this by using high-quality protein and fiber to create weight loss snacks that are perfectly balanced and portion controlled.

If you're on a specialty diet program such as gluten-free or diabetic, we have snacks for you too!

How does the
Snack Program work?

BistroMD EATS are sold exclusively through our program. During checkout, simply opt-in to add snacks to your program. Snacks are priced at just $2.00 each.

If you're already a program member, submit your request to add snacks to your plan and our team will handle the rest!

Our Promise To You

We carefully craft our EATS snacks without the use of chemically modified artificial sweeteners, which means the only taste our snacks will leave in your mouth is 'YUM!' Our team goes above and beyond to source proteins that not only complete each snack, but give you the boost you need between meals to stay on track. EATS snacks feature high-quality proteins such as grass-fed whey, non-gmo soy, nuts & seeds, and nitrate-free cured meats.

We offer over 45 snacks

...with a wide variety including grass-fed whey protein bars, hearty granola, nut mixes, protein chips, protein shakes, and cheesecakes.

See examples of our weight loss snacks here. All nutrition information is provided in your mybistroMD account where you can customize your menu and choose your snacks.

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