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Healthy Eating

Here you will find tons of information about healthy eating and incorporating the principles of healthy nutrition into your daily life. Built around Dr. Cederquist’s nutritional foundation for healthy weight loss, these articles place a wealth of information right at your fingertips.

7 Tips to Eating Healthy

Taking preventative steps toward a healthier life is a smart and responsible idea. But with all that mixed information out there, how exactly do you eat healthier? Look no further than these seven tips!

7 Tips to Eating Healthy

Have you tried every fad diet on the market without an ounce of success? Or perhaps your doctor mentioned without consuming a nutritious diet, you increase the odds of developing a serious medical condition such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, obesity, and cancer. Or maybe you are just looking for tips on how to eat healthier and improve your overall quality of life. Whatever the reason, eating healthy is one of the best decisions can ever make for your body. And with processed foods and fast foods filling our bellies, the added stresses of life, and the growing rates of obesity, taking preventative steps toward a healthier life is a smart and responsible idea. But with all that mixed information out there, how exactly do you eat healthier? Look no further than these seven tips!

How to Eat Healthier

1. Start the Day with Breakfast
While the verdict is still out on whether or not breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it is nonetheless essential. Eating a well-balanced breakfast at the beginning of the day can subside hunger, boost energy, improve cognition, and pave the way to healthier choices. A nutritious breakfast should be protein-rich, including these ideas you do not want to miss!

2. Try New Veggies
When it comes to eating healthy food, you may be envisioning a plateful of veggies and forcing down broccoli at each meal. Rather than making yourself eat vegetables you do not necessarily care for, one of the best ways to obtain those nutrients, while appreciating and enjoying them, is by making an effort to try new veggies and preparation variations. So make it a point to try a new veggie each week, tasting it raw, roasting with olive oil, or throwing into a casserole.

1. Balance the Meal Plate
But healthy eating is much more than vegetables... Along with coloring the plate with nature's bounty, balance the meal with complex carbohydrate, lean protein, and healthy fat. Balance your meal by filling half of the plate with fruits and vegetables; a quarter with a lean or plant-based protein, such as chicken, beef, and beans; and a quarter with a whole grain, such as brown rice or whole wheat pasta noodles.

3. Read Food Labels
Food labels tell the nutritional story of a product, allowing you to make a well-informed decision on if it should stay on the shelf or end up in your grocery cart. Reading food labels offers healthy eating facts, which can mostly be determined through deciphering through the Nutrition Facts and Ingredients labels.

4. Use Healthy Baking Swaps
Love to bake but not all the added calories, sugars, and fats that come with it? Try simple baking swaps to optimize nutritional value without sacrificing flavor and your personal health goals!

5. Watch Liquid Calories
While soda, juice, tea, smoothies, sports drinks, energy drinks and alcohol may all be appetizing, they can also add tons of extra calories to your day. For example, drinking one 140 calorie soda daily for a year could lead to a weight gain of almost fifteen pounds! So swap out caloric drinks with water, aiming to consume at least 64-ounces daily.

6. Consider Other Lifestyle Factors
Eating habits can be influenced by a number of other lifestyle factors, including sleep and stress. So to detour the risks of emotional eating and heightened cravings, sleep seven to nine hours on a regular basis and practice stress management techniques. Exercise is also a recommended and encouraged complement to healthy eating and can further motivate healthy eating choices. General recommendations suggest a minimum of 150 minutes of physical activity on a weekly basis, along with two to three strength training sessions.

7. Utilize A Meal Delivery Service
If you looking for something fast and convenient, all without the hassle of going to the grocery store, bistroMD offers a diet delivery program that can help you develop healthy eating habits and lose weight. We cook with the freshest ingredients, have over 200 recipes, and a customizable menu, and offer a men and women's program with the option to receive five-or-seven days' worth of healthy meals delivered straight to your door. So not only are you ensured adequate nutrients to reach your health goals, but can do so while enjoying fresh and flavorful meals! For more information on the nation's leading weight loss meal delivery service, visit the official bistroMD website here or call 866-401-3438 today!

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Written By Sarah Asay, RDN. Published on June 24, 2013. Updated on April 29, 2019.


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