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Curb Your Appetite by Avoiding Foods That Make You Hungrier

Curb Your Appetite by Avoiding Foods That Make You Hungrier

On the battle fields of trying to curb your appetite, one war still rages on: controlling those sudden food cravings.

It isn’t easy to say goodbye to those “high-carb” foods you love. After all, they may have been your biggest source of comfort during some of your most stressful times.

These foods may also be difficult to give up because they give you that extra “snack” satisfaction when you watch TV or watch your favorite movie.

When you are trying to lose weight, though, these foods can be especially difficult to give up, because they often make you hungrier.

“Eating certain foods can actually make you hungrier later,” says Joy Post, one of the dietitians for BistroMD. “When you eat certain foods that contain a lot of sugar and carbohydrates, which get broken down into sugar, this sugar gets dumped quite quickly into your bloodstream.”

As a result of this massive intake of carbs, your blood sugar will skyrocket. Your body will then release insulin to help get this sugar inside your cells. Once your blood sugar spikes, it suddenly goes back down to normal, but because it was so ramped up, it can often drop lower than it’s supposed to.

“Your body needs to control blood sugar carefully,” says Joy. “If your body doesn’t have a normal control over blood sugar, you could experience ‘hunger attacks’ out of the blue. This is because certain foods make you hungrier after you eat them.”

A doughnut, for example, causes your body to increase blood sugar, which means it also releases a lot of insulin to deal with it. The same is true for something like a baked potato. The starch in the potato is broken down into sugar molecules, which get rapidly absorbed into your blood stream, which causes your body to release more insulin.

“Insulin is really good at pushing sugar inside cells, but when there is a lot of insulin circulating in your system, sometimes too much sugar gets pushed in, and your blood sugar drops too low,” says Joy. “This is nothing dangerous, but it is enough to make you feel hungry again. These foods that make your blood sugar spike rapidly act as an appetite stimulant.”

Have you ever been hungry shortly after eating cereal and milk for breakfast? Well, this is because you are basically eating a carbohydrate and sugar-based breakfast.

Recently, eggs have gotten a bad reputation, but they are quite good for you, and are one of the best sources of protein you can eat.

If the same person chooses something with protein, like an egg omelet with cottage cheese, and a small side of fruit, they typically find that they feel satisfied longer. This means less “surprise” food cravings, and less worry over damaging the progress in your diet.

“High-protein foods dump less sugar and carbohydrates into your body, which means you may find that you are not hungry again so soon after you have eaten,” says Joy. “These sorts of foods include protein-rich foods, such as nuts, seed, low sugar fruits like berries and apples, cheese, and vegetables.”

Here is a list of foods you may want to avoid, if you are looking to curb your appetite.

Foods That Make You Hungrier






Corn chips

Bread or Rolls


Egg rolls



Fruit Juice


Corn Syrup

Sugary Sodas


Dried fruits



Ice cream

Potato Chips





Italian ice, sherbet



Jam or Jelly

French Fries






Fried Food



Rice cakes







Pita Bread




Sweetened Sodas



Sugar (white, brown)


Taco shells

Frozen yogurt



High Fructose Corn Syrup





























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