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The Craziest Diet Programs of 2010

When you diet, you can’t expect to lose 20 to 30 pounds in one week and expect to be healthy. With many of these “fad” diets introduced in 2010, you are promised dramatic weight loss by taking part in crazy and unhealthy regimens. See the top craziest diets of 2010!

The Craziest Diet Programs of 2010

When you hear about diet programs, you typically think of the generalized idea that we have all come to know and love: you either eat next to nothing, except for a food portions of rabbit food, OR you take weight loss supplements that burn fat, but prevent you from getting proper nutrition. These diet programs may sound absolutely ridiculous, but they aren't as absurd as some of the other diets that made their way to the market in 2010.

The diets listed below gained a lot of attention in 2010, with promises of losing weight by taking the easy way out. These diets may seem easy, but they are in no way healthy.

Listed below are the craziest and most unhealthy diets of 2010…

It's Baby Food for You…

Baby food is not good for adults; know why? Maybe, it's because baby food is nutritionally designed for BABIES.

Baby food as a healthy diet doesn't work because it is too low-calorie, and lacks the nutrition needed for adults. Most jars of baby food have less than 100 calories, which is far from the average healthy adult meal of 300-500 calories.

Instead of replacing your meals with baby food, eat healthier portions of foods such as brown rice, vegetables, whole grains, and lean chicken. Many of these foods in the proper portions can you give adequate calories for effective weight loss, and provide you with good doses of fiber that can help you feel fuller longer.

You definitely don't have to eat like a baby in order to have successful weight loss.

HCG to lose Lbs…

With the HCG diet program, you can lose a lot of weight by injecting yourself with the female pregnancy hormone and only eating 500 calories a day.

Just keep in mind, a 500 calorie a day diet will cause you to lose weight, but it certainly won't be healthy for you. With only eating 500 calories a day, you may lose weight, but this is not enough calories to maintain normal brain function. Injections of HCG also show no medical benefits in regards to helping you lose weight.

Effect weight loss programs provide your body with the right amount of healthy carbohydrates that help your body retrain its metabolism. With the HCG diet, your body will go through the ultimate crash diet, which is never healthy.

The fewer calories you have, the more this can actually slow down your metabolism, and your energy levels will dwindle. If you are on the HCG diet, this will be the least of your problems as your body will not be able to function properly with such minimal calorie intake.

Twinkies for Transformation

On this diet, you basically eat twinkies for every meal, add in a few vegetables here and there, and lose a remarkable 27 pounds for an ultimate weight loss transformation!

This “sweet” diet was developed by a nutrition professor at Kansas State University who wanted to prove that the number of calories you consume for weight loss matters more than the nutritional quality of the food you are eating.

This diet may sound like a dream come true for most, but keep in mind that Twinkies are loaded with bad sugar, bad fat and a bunch of other things that most nutritionists would just consider “junk.”

This diet is just not sustainable, and you will be doing your body a major disservice if you give into the hype that eating junk Twinkies can actually help you lose weight in a healthy way. It's simply not true.

The Craziest Diet of All…

Probably the craziest diet of 2010 has to be the tapeworm diet.

For those of you who don't know what a tape worm is: a tape worm is a parasite, and can be found in things like raw, uncooked meat and in animal feces. On this insanely dangerous diet, people deliberately eat a tape worm so their ingested friend can start wreaking havoc on their digestive system.

A tape worm basically breaks down your digestive system to a point where you don't want to eat at all. The goal of this diet is that you seek medical help after you have lost enough weight and before the tape worm actually kills you.

This is a diet that is not recommended at all and has the potential to be fatal. We scratch our heads at this diet because it is so dangerous. No one should try this diet…EVER! Plus, you could also end up in jail over this one because it is illegal in the United States to buy and sell tapeworms.

All of these diets are lacking, which is why it is important to start a diet in 2011 that promises you healthy weight loss with satisfying portions of delicious food.

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