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How to Measure Weight Loss Without a Scale

There are many weight loss victories you can celebrate without stepping on the scale. I think the best way to measure weight loss has nothing to do with numbers at all - it's how you feel.

How to Measure Weight Loss Without a Scale

Chances are you've already noticed feeling more energetic. When you're eating healthy, drinking water, and exercising, your body will feel the effects. In addition to more energy, you'll sleep better, and be less lethargic. Feeling healthier is the first step in looking your best, even if weight loss is your main goal.

No Scale Needed

Here are five other ways to gauge weight loss without a scale:


By this point your favorite pair of jeans maybe fitting a little better. The way the clothes you usually wear fit can be more accurate than the scale. This happens due to a change in body composition (the ratio of muscle to fat). Instead of focusing on the number on the scale, enjoy this milestone.

Also for women, weight loss of 10 pounds or more means you should go for a bra fitting to make sure that you're still wearing the right size & looking great in your clothes.

Craving Healthy Foods

When you eat nutritionally balanced food, your body no longer looks to junk food for a quick fix. Don't be surprised if during your structured breaks from the program you're choosing healthier options naturally.

A little indulgence is okay in moderation, just be sure you're primarily eating proactively for your health and you'll stay on the right track.

Confidence Boost

You look and feel as awesome as you are. Catching a glimpse of yourself in the mirror has you excited now. There's a sense of pride. You've earned your new look through proper diet and exercise. Loving yourself no matter what size is always important, but don't be surprised if you're feeling even better about the new you!

Healthier Body Image

You've stopped focusing on your perceived flaws and the conversations you have with yourself are more positive.

The better you take care of yourself, the better you feel, not just physically, but emotionally as well.

"Did You Lose Weight?"

Acknowledgement is an important part of your journey. Maybe you felt in the past that people looked at you like you were nothing, but now the conversation is shifting to a positive one around your looks and your energy level. Losing weight is hard and we all want to have our successes celebrated.

It can take 12 weeks for people to really notice of a change. Stick with your program and enjoy the accolades when they come.

Remember to celebrate everyday of this journey, and all the small milestones along the way. I'm here to support you