Losing Weight with a Busy Schedule

Most of us are busy. It’s a part of modern life that can’t be avoided. Find out how to successfully lose weight even if you are always on the move.

Losing Weight with a Busy Schedule

With busy schedules, health can get put on the backburner. Running through the drive thru or grabbing a pizza becomes far too familiar after a busy workday. Before you realize it, 10 pounds have been packed on and clothes are a bit tighter. In reality, it does not need to be hard to lose weight with responsibility-packed lives. Losing weight when you're busy will seem a little more mindless with these ideas and suggestions.

Make Health a Priority

First-and-foremost, prioritize health. Although work and school responsibilities tend to take the front seat, it is important to realize the importance of health. When it really boils down to it, the health of our body allows us to continue our day-to-day tasks. Try getting friends and family the onboard, too. A strong, involved support system will not only keep you accountable towards goals, but more motivated. Bouncing health tips, information, and advice back and forth will only ignite a passionate, healthy lifestyle.

Keep It Simple

Losing weight and creating a healthy atmosphere does not need to be an overwhelming, timely task. Oftentimes, people succeed the most by making simple changes and abiding by them. Biting off more than you can chew is quite literal in this circumstance. Instead of taking a large chunk of time to transform the kitchen into a produce aisle, add in a few fruits and veggies at a time. A whole milk drinker? Try switching to 2% or skim milk. Even parking further away from the entrance doors of work or walking a few laps during lunch breaks can add up to substantial progress. Gradual, small changes are not only time-friendly, but easier to adapt and stick to.


In addition to keeping it simple, make modest targets. Unlike extreme goals that are oftentimes unrealistic, SMART goals can be sustained. Furthermore, they can further tailor and cater to individual lifestyles. SMART is an acronym for: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. With a busy schedule, make goals that are thought out yet approachable. Instead of creating the goal "I will make dinner all 7 days of the week," try a less time-demanding goal such as "I will prepare 3 or 4 dinners per week."

Plan Ahead

Coming home tired and hungry will more than likely contribute to poor health choices. Having meals planned and put together ahead can help eliminate the opportunity to overeat on unhealthy foods. Although meal preparation takes a little bit of strategic planning, it can be such a timesaver during a busy week. Take the time on the least busy day (typically on Sunday) and brainstorm meals, construct a grocery list, and start prepping. Along with meal prepping, partake in snack prepping. Having snacks prepared can help reduce hands in the chip bag and cookie jar. Cut up your favorite veggies and put in storage containers for the fridge. Individual hummus containers and Greek yogurts are also convenient snacks filled with protein. A Crockpot can also be your best friend with a busy schedule. For example, throw in some veggies and chicken and set the temperature and timer. The possibilities and creations can be endless and coming home to the smells of dinner will be so intriguing.

Setting aside and devoting a couple of hours once a week to meal and snack prepping can ultimately save hours of time throughout the busy week. In conjunction to planning, build a support system while making goals attainable. Achieving weight loss and health can fit into any sort of schedule, especially after habituating healthy food choices.

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