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9 Habits to Help You Maintain Weight Loss

Congratulations – you did it! After sticking to your healthy routine and reaching your weight loss target and you’re on top of the world! Stay on track and keep moving forward with these nine tips to maintain your weight!

9 Habits to Help You Maintain Weight Loss

You did it! You made it to your weight loss target and feeling on top of the world. Though reaching goals is a motivator to continue health practices, it is not too uncommon for individuals to fall backwards and regain weight with busy lives and other obligations. Stay on track and keep moving forward with these nine weight maintenance tips!

How to Maintain Weight Loss

1. Grocery Shop with A Full Belly

Shopping while hungry can ultimately lead to impulse buys. Taking the grocery store tip following a meal or light snack may keep those ravenous urges at bay and eliminate the opportunity for unhealthful, prepackaged items to land in the grocery cart. Preparing and confirming to a grocery list can further prevent chips and cookies to enter your home.

2. Allow Indulgences

Depriving yourself from what really is desired may create the perfect potion for a binge. Instead of avoiding that chocolate cake at a birthday party, allow yourself a small piece. Thought it is important to realize such delicacies should be moderated, they can have a place in a well-balanced diet if confining to portions and serving sizes.

3. Control Snack Attacks

Hungry between meals? Control it with a protein and fiber-rich snack. Not only can protein and fiber create satiety on their own, the combination further fulfills those annoying hunger pangs. Balanced snack options include peanut butter and apple slices, hummus and carrots, or Greek yogurt and berries.

4. Drink Water

Though water essentially offers no nutritional value, staying hydrated helps improve digestion of nutrients. Drinking a glass before meals and sipping throughout them may aid in increased satiety, as the belly will start to fill up on water rather than big meals or second portions.

5. Set The Scene

Though eating quickly at your desk or in the car may be inevitable during busy weekdays, try to avoid eating “on-the-go.” Eating meals at a dinner table or designated area can foster good eating habits and reduce mindless eating. Disconnect from electronics, eat meals with loved ones and enjoy the food and company!

6. Slow Down

Did you know it takes roughly 20 minutes for your stomach to realize it is full? The mind to belly connection generally surpasses the time meals are devoured. To reduce overeating, slow down! Along with chewing food thoroughly, learn to fully appreciate and enjoy food as mentioned in weight maintenance tip number 5.

7. Schedule Activity

Scheduling for workouts and exercises can be as soon or as late as desired – setting each Wednesday evening to a cycling course or hiking with family the first Saturday of the month. In addition to consistent weekly or monthly workouts, schedule for an event. For instance, challenge yourself to a race and train for it. If tackling a 5K, aim next for a 10K, 15K, half-marathon, and so on! Having a scheduled race day or event can get you more motivated to prepare. Ultimately, it is important reject a sedentary life and to stay active!

8. Catch Those Zzz’s

The promotion of sleep may be one of the most intriguing weight maintenance tips to sleep-lovers. Research has actually shown sleep deprivation can be detrimental to weight loss. The body might start to undergo physiological stress and store fat more easily without sufficient quantity and quality of sleep. Additionally, stress may seem exacerbated when tired and facilitate poor health choices, including indulging in those notorious “comfort” foods that usually offer nothing but calories, sugar and fat.

9. Stay Positive

Developing and sustaining a positive attitude is one of the worthiest tips for maintaining weight loss. Dismiss negative thoughts that may ultimately discourage or impede on health goals. Embrace a positive lifestyle and approach all situations in an optimistic manner. A confident attitude contributes to a more confident, happier and healthier YOU!