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Choosing a Diet to Go with Your Lifestyle

Everyone has a different lifestyle, so why should diets be one size fits all? At bistroMD we want you to be able to customize your diet as much as your unique lifestyle.

Choosing a Diet to Go with Your Lifestyle

Whether you have a full-time job you are a stay-at-home-parent or are retired and enjoying life, your lifestyle can be your best ally. It can also be your worst roadblock—to good health. When it comes to choosing a diet to go with your lifestyle, it’s important to identify what that means. 

Categorizing your lifestyle serves to help you isolate specific areas that may be holding you back from your best health. For example, if you are tied to your computer at work, sitting all day means you are not necessarily getting good blood flow, and your heart rate will likely remain low. 

Sedentary jobs, or ones that don’t involve daily tasks that require you to lift, move items, or walk around, can lead to a sedentary lifestyle unless you are making an effort to incorporate daily walks or setting aside time at the gym or to attend fitness classes.

The bad news? Sedentary lifestyles are associated with disease risk—we already know this. If you’re not moving, you’re most likely going to develop some type of disease later in life. Choosing a diet to go with a sedentary lifestyle can go a long way to helping you keep your weight in check, which will help ensure you feel good, sleep well, and have plenty of energy throughout the day. You’ll want to watch your calories, and lookout for portion sizes that are too large. BistroMD can help you during the process of choosing a diet that fits your lifestyle, with our dietitians on staff ready and available to help you determine what the best diet for your lifestyle would be while keeping your calorie needs and your activity level in mind.

If your day-to-day takes you on-the-go, choosing a diet to go with your busy lifestyle becomes just as important. Eating out frequently for meals and snacks can cause the calories to add up quick. If you have to meet with clients, or travel from place to place during the day, you essentially need a diet to go with you. Planning out your meals at specific restaurants can help you make the best choices. For example, if you know you have to stop on the road, ensure you have a place in mind where you can order something healthy – like an entrée of chicken and broccoli, or shrimp with cocktail sauce.

Packing snacks is a great way to take your diet to go. Easy items like a few almonds with dried fruit, or two strips of beef jerky can ensure your hunger never gets the best of you.  If you pack a serving of protein powder in a shaker bottle, it’s super easy swing into a convenience store for a small bottle of milk to make an easy and quick lunch.

The bistroMD plan is highly customizable, which means you can add snacks to your plan so you can easily take your diet to go. With option of 7 days of meals, or 5 days of meals if you like to prepare food on your own, bistroMD allows you to choose the entrees and meals that you like, and substitute your favorites into your plan.

Other ways to take your diet to go involve lots of planning, but this is important go through the planning process if you want to hold on to good health.  Just like you plan your retirement or plan your budget, choosing a diet to go with your lifestyle will afford you other sorts of luxuries later in life as well.

So whether you are a busy professional or an office aficionado – selecting a diet to go with your lifestyle just got a lot easier. You can take your diet to go with our doctor designed, chef prepared meals that you just heat, eat, and enjoy.

Diet meals often lack color, flavor, texture, and sometimes just seem to fall short. With bistroMD diet meals, however, our customers have reported over and over again how satisfying and delicious their meals are each day. The best diet is always the diet that you can stick with, and when you have your diet meals delivered, it just doesn’t get any easier than that.

If you are looking for a diet that works, bistroMD is the perfect option for most people, and we offer a variety of diet meal plans including gluten-free, reduced sodium, heart-healthy, and separate meal plans for men and women. Our dietitians are available to help you sort out the best plan for you, and help you choose the best diet to go with your lifestyle.