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Weight Loss Success Story: Marilyn Chivetta

When she was unable to climb over the physical wall in front of her, she challenged the metaphorical wall and won.

Weight Loss Success Story: Marilyn Chivetta

“If every person celebrated one negative event in their lives, imagine all the parties we would attend!”

-Marlilyn A. Chivetta

For a woman whose motto is “claim your cleavage and get healthy,” it sure doesn't seem like a person with this much self confidence has battled with weight her entire life.

Five years ago, Marilyn started volunteering as an assistant Scoutmaster at a Boy Scout camp near her hometown. Until only a few weeks ago, Marilyn was unable to complete a challenge evoked upon her by some of the boys attending camp: to scale a rock formation with them.

For Marilyn, it was a terrible blow to her self-esteem. After trying and trying, over and over again for a period of five years, she could never seem to leave the ground behind. Marilyn was simply too overweight to reach the top of the mountain.

Always known for her bright and care-free personality, Marilyn’s struggle with weight swept over her like a cloud of despair. It prevented her from living life to the fullest, which caused her up-beat personality to transform into a more gloomy attitude. Not only couldn’t she climb the rock formation with the other boys at camp, but she felt like she couldn’t do anything at all.

Determined to get her colorful spirit back, Marilyn sought the help of healthy and delicious weight loss meals from bistroMD. Since then, she has gotten her life back on track and has managed to change her life. Read more about Marilyn's struggle with weight loss as she shares her personal story of triumph below:

“I have not enjoyed a summer since 2002, until this year! I am actually smiling these days! So, thank you, bistroMD.”

“Last week, I was volunteering as assistant Scoutmaster at Boy Scout camp, as I have done for the past five years. The boys there asked me to scale a rock formation with them. Since starting bistroMD, they know I have been losing weight and getting in shape so, I guess they thought I could do it—and I DID!”

“This is just the first step to getting my life back. I can’t wait to continue my journey with bistroMD to experience more exciting changes!”

“It is hard to believe I collapsed on May 11th, and was really sick only six weeks ago. I have been stuck for so long, but I am getting the color back in my wings, and I know I will soar again!”

“With cleavage, love and appreciation,”