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Testimonial from Sonny

Testimonial from Sonny

"BistroMD is the BEST choice you can make if you're just starting out on your journey. GREAT tasting food! Bottom line: I had to quit kidding myself. I was TOO BUSY to do it on my own. I need 'someone else' to keep track of the calories for me. But bistroMD does more than that.

They vary the food scrumptiously -- plus -- you can't goof-up following the plan! It's easy! I now have my Sundays back, because I used to spend the whole afternoon preparing my meals for the week. When I get my shipment, I laugh in amazement at wide variety of dishes.

It's only been (1) week and I already dropped (4) pounds! Results like this give me the momentum I need to keep on going.  "Thanks you guys!"

And one of my favorite quotes I say to people... especially when you're like me...age 48...another 75 pounds to be at a proper weight...meanwhile, behind breathing down my neck are health issues like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.,... Well, when people are wondering about the cost...

"Isn't it kind of expensive?"

"Well, it's my health... how can I afford NOT to?!!!?"