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More Weight Loss Success Stories

Learn from Michelle, Kay, and Audrey how bistroMD worked for them.

More Weight Loss Success Stories

At bistroMD, we know how difficult it can be to find a healthy weight loss plan that suits your needs and helps you achieve your goals. Dieting is never easy, but we at bistroMD try to make the transition to a healthy new lifestyle as easy as possible. When we hear about the success from our clients, it is truly something to celebrate. We love to hear your weight loss success stories, and we hope you will inspire yourselves to achieve all of your goals.

Michelle's Motivation:

"I am a 50-year-old woman who is post-menopausal, due to my ovaries being removed last December, which has caused me to be on hormone replacement therapy. I was diagnosed with Graves Disease in 2003. I eventually had my thyroid destroyed and went through the gain weight and lose weight game. I quit smoking and gained more weight. I also take Synthroid to replace my thyroid function. Two years ago I went to a diet center and lost ten pounds when I wanted to lose 25, but I’ve since gained the ten pounds back. I am now 5' 6", weigh 168 pounds, I'm a size 12, and my cholesterol levels are pretty good. My blood pressure is normally 110/60 or 120/70 and my thyroid levels are pretty stable. I have just ordered my first week of food from bistroMD and should have it by the end of the week. I just wanted to make a blog to share my experience as I am ready to take that 25 pounds off. I’m not looking to weigh what I did twenty or thirty years ago. My heaviest adult weight was 172 and I weighed 124 to 128 pounds when I was younger. I’m just looking to stay healthy and increase my chances of good health as I get older. I’ll continue to blog with my progress in hopes that it will help others as well as help me."

Kay's Success So Far:

"Success! I’ve just lost over 100 pounds!! Although I’ve been at this for a year and a half, I hit a plateau at about 75 or 80 pounds– for 4 months. Then I started bistroMD a couple of months ago. The pounds have started flying off again. I still have another 100 pounds to lose, but now I feel confident that I can do it... with the help of bistroMD. Yeah!!"

Audrey's Inspiration to Change:

"Well, tonight I decided it was time to take control of my life! After several attempts to lose weight and try different plans unsuccessfully, I challenged myself to one month on bistroMD’s 5 day plan, being strict on what I eat on the weekends during my days off, and walking 30 minutes every day. I am 42 years old, have high cholesterol with 50 pounds to lose, and I live a sedentary life. I know I am not the best me that I could be… I want to feel alive again and know that I am eating properly and exercising for health benefits along with my weight loss goals. I’ve blamed poor eating habits in the past on my lack of desire to cook. I decided to invest in myself and treat my body to bistroMD. I only wish I could get my package in the morning and begin immediately!! Stay tuned to hear how it’s going…"

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