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Emotional Eating Almost Ruined Lisette’s Life - Almost

Stress can make dieting and keeping a figure extremely hard. Learn how Lisette regained control of her eating habits.

Emotional Eating Almost Ruined Lisette’s Life - Almost

To her surprise, Lisette Davila from Henderson, Nevada was chosen as a guest on The Doctors show. She knew she would be getting a makeover, but she never thought she would receive the best kind of transformation: a remarkable shift from the inside out.

Like many women before her, Lisette turned to food for solace when unfortunate circumstances disrupted her life. She lost her job only a few months after uprooting her family from Chicago to Las Vegas. Her stress from unemployment was so bad—she started losing her hair and eventually she was tipping the scales at over 200 pounds. Lisette knew this was no way to live.

“I have never weighed this much before—and I felt miserable,” Lisette admitted.

The food she credits to her remarkable transformation was bistroMD.

After trying out our program, Lisette raved about her new outlook and how her change in health has helped her entire family. Now, they all eat healthier and take long walks as a family because they know physical activity is important and more enjoyable when done together.

As for Lisette’s progress: bistroMD helped her go from a size 14 dress size down to a size 8!

“I feel phenomenal and I haven’t felt this confident in a long time,” Lisette said. “This program has been the priceless gift that keeps on giving.”

How to tell if, like Lisette, you’ve become an emotional eater

All of us have done it. We’re stressed out so we justify reaching for that delicious pint of ice cream that we know, is going to bust our diet; but, it’s like we have tunnel vision. That pint of ice cream is the only thing we see in our freezer as if its basked in golden light or something.

The good news is that it’s not entirely our fault. According to Dr. Oz, when we’re stressed out, our body gets invaded by cortisol, a hormone, which makes us crave carbohydrates, specifically sugary foods like ice cream. When our body is stressed out, it feels soothed by sugary treats. That’s why we usually feel better after we’ve indulged in sugary goodness—until we’ve woken up the next day and realized we’ve devoured our entire stash of ice cream.

You’re an emotional eater if…

You are definitely an emotional eater if you eat when you’re not hungry. If you always have a stash of junk food in your desk drawer—you are very likely an emotional eater. You may also be an emotional eater if you find it hard to find food that satisfies you. And last, but not least—you’re an emotional eater if your cravings are triggered by—drum roll, please—emotions. This may seem obvious, but many emotional eaters do not realize that they often reach for unhealthy foods based on their emotional state.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way—how can you stop emotional food cravings?

The good news is that where there’s a will, there’s a way—and there’s definitely a way. Try to be aware of your eating habits. Keep a food diary if you have to. Don’t feel self-conscious about it either. A lot of people do it and no one has to know. And replace your cravings with gum, water, tea—anything you want—as long as it’s healthy.

Try to eat healthy

According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), it takes 18 hours a week to shop for healthy ingredients, cook and clean. The average consumer only has 5 hours.


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