For Elsa, bistroMD was the lifestyle change she needed to get back on track and lose 20 lbs.
Elsa before and after
During the coronavirus lockdown of early 2020, Elsa found that she was eating more than usual and it was time to make a change. During a time of much uncertainty, Elsa was determined to take back control of her health in a safe, convenient way. She found her solution: bistroMD, and lost the 20 pounds she had gained during quarantine. Heres how she did it, and how you can too!
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A few weeks before the quarantine was imposed, Elsa had gone to a doctor who put her on blood pressure medication and scared her into looking at her eating habits. Grocery shopping during the pandemic was such a hassle, and she knew there was a better way.
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Elsa lost 20 pounds and learned sustainable lessons along the way. While I am still on my weight loss journey, bistroMD has helped get my diet back on track. I love it so much, I got my daughter to join too. Elsa says.
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Highlights from Elsa's Journey

Learning New Ways of Eating

1 month

"I don't think I was ever a sugar addict, I just ate too much fruit. Previous diet programs I have followed give you a false sense of reality because they say you can eat as much fruit as you want and that's not true. Now if I do eat fruit, I make sure to add a protein to it as bistroMD recommends."

On the bistroMD program, Elsa learned how to eat to effectively lose weight while also keeping her blood sugar stable to avoid sugar cravings.

Pairing Fruit

With Protein



Greek Yogurt



Cottage Cheese



Nut Butter

Creating New Habits

3 months

With the time she gained back from not having to grocery shop and meal prep thanks to bistroMD, Elsa implemented new exercise habits including walking and doing light weight training at the park with friends three times a week. She shares that it's a fun way to stay active and stick to her goals!

20 lbs Continuing Success

6 months

After 6 months of bistroMD, Elsa lost 20 pounds during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"While I am still on my weight loss journey, bistroMD has helped get my diet back on track. I love it so much, I got my daughter to join too."

Elsa's goal is to lose another 15 pounds, but she is not in a rush. She wants to hit her goal weight and stay there, and with the tools and education she's gained through the bistroMD program, she is prepared for life-long success.

* Weight loss results will vary. Members can expect to lose 1-2 lbs per week.

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