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Delicious & Healthy Fall Season Foods to Cozy Up To

As summer ends, welcome favorite fruit and veggie superfoods of the fall season. Filled with warm aromas and flavors, saying goodbye to summer and hello to fall is easier than ever!

Delicious & Healthy Fall Season Foods to Cozy Up To

Top superfoods for fall include orange-colored favorites like sweet potatoes and pumpkin. The best fall foods are healthy fall foods. Capable of spicing up the season, fall foods are also great for boosting health in autumn.

Read on for the 10 best fall season foods and unique ways to use them in cozy, seasonal dishes.

Fall Food Favorites

The term "fall food" generally refers to food that is seasonal to autumn. The fall season lasts from late September to the end of December. Fall food reaches its peak during this time, both nutritionally and in its growing process.

Fall food is known for its warm flavors and creating cozy sensations. They help ease the end of summer by creating an appetizing alternative.

Flavorful fall foods are so beloved they are considered "superfoods". The following delicious foods are thought extra beneficial due to their exceptional nutrient qualities.

1. Apples

Pumpkins may always claim the number one spot as America's favorite fall fruit, but apples certainly claim a close second place. Apples can be eaten in a variety of ways, including cider and a variety of spice-flavored, sippable drinks.

2. Brussels Sprouts

With the right seasonings and proper cooking, Brussels Sprouts have a natural and nutty sweetness. Try finding them at a local farmer's market. These nutritious vegetables peak during the fall season!

3. Carrots

Crunchy and sweet, carrots actually come in multiple colors and sizes. During fall, yellow and purple carrots can also be found. These colorful varieties help add interest to a dish.

4. Cauliflower

Low-calorie and delicious in many forms, cauliflower provides many nutrients. It contributes to the recommended daily amounts of folate, fiber, potassium, and vitamin C. Cauliflower is in season during September through early November, so be on the lookout for this snowy white vegetable.

5. Pear

The great thing about pears is they can be equally nutritious in both fresh and canned forms. Pears change color at the peak of ripening, just like the leaves change color during the fall season.

6. Pumpkin

When not being used for jack-o-lanterns, smaller varieties of edible pumpkins are a flavorful, fall favorite. From the flesh to the seeds, these winter squashes can be used in many ways.

Their orange color reflects a high level of carotenoids, which work as antioxidants in the body. Antioxidants help counter harmful free radicals and protect against aging and cell damage.

7. Squash

Winter squashes, including the acorn squash, are a fall classic. It has a greenish skin that is speckled with orange-yellow patches. It goes seamlessly from countertop decor to an easy dinner-time meal in a short amount of time.

8. Sweet Potato

Substituting them for potatoes is not the only way to use sweet potatoes! Bake them into fries or chips for a bite of something crunchy. On the other hand, sweet potatoes can be made into pancakes for breakfast or grilled up as a dinner dish.

9. Walnuts

If you look relatively close, walnuts resemble the shape of a human brain. Coincidence? Research suggests not!

Reports have actively shown the consumption of walnuts may boost memory, concentration, and the rate of information processing, all relative to its omega-3 fatty acid content. Combine the fall superfoods, walnuts and apple slices, for a balanced and healthy fall snack!

10. Pomegranates

Although this seedy fruit may seem exotic and associated with warm weather, pomegranates are actually harvested from August to December. Pomegranates feature a smooth outer skin with the actual edible portion consisting of small seeds inside, also known as arils.

The vibrantly colored arils are powerful antioxidants, shown to support the immune system and reduce inflammation.

How to Use Fall Foods

Fall food menu ideas and healthy fall recipes include a wide variety of exciting themes. From big parties to romantic private date nights, fall food makes any meal more interesting and inviting.

Making a menu from local and fresh, fall produce also means supporting farmers in the community alongside improving personal health. Try the following ideas to add some spice to autumn days:

• Feature a fall food as the entree of a meal

• Make seasonal foods into a delicious appetizer or side dish like honey herb-roasted carrots

• Serve up fall food in a dessert such as pumpkin pie

• Include fall food for an autumn-themed party

• Use fall food in a casserole for a cold-weather potluck

• Whip up a delicious fall-flavored drink such as a pomegranate mojito

• Create a fall-themed charcuterie board

• Donate a fall-themed food basket

• Celebrate the fall equinox by eating seasonal foods

The Final Word On Delicious Fall Foods

Fall foods are delicious and nutritious. Not only do they offer a cornucopia of vitamins and minerals, but they also enhance that cozy, seasonal feeling.

Add some spices, and get cooking with these 10 autumnal delights offering major health benefits!


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