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The Healthiest BBQ Tips for Grilling Season

New to the grill? Ignite your health this summer with these delicious grilling tips!

The Healthiest BBQ Tips for Grilling Season

Grilling can seem like an effortless endeavor… Until you begin the journey for yourself! But understanding cook time, temperatures, and more can seem overwhelming when figuring out how to use a grill. 

With just a few grilling tips and tricks, you’ll be the one handing out BBQ tips at the next neighborhood party. Read on for the four main grilling tips for beginners to remember (plus, easy recipes anyone can master)!

How to Make Healthy BBQ for Beginners

Can BBQ be healthy? The answer is yes! It often comes down to just a few simple grilling decisions. 

Here’s your quick guide to making healthy choices when you fire up the grill. 

Make Smart Meat Choices

Gone are the days of resorting to a standard hot dog! Choices high in saturated fat can often make you feel bloated at the family BBQ. 

Instead, opt for lean meats, such as: 

• Lean cuts of beef or pork
• Skinless poultry or fish
• Turkey burgers
• Tofu, tempeh, or bean-based burgers

Speaking of grilling meat, use these pro tips:

• Allow the meat to rest on the counter for about 30 minutes before placing it on the grill grates. Offering this time results in even cooking and a more desirable product.

• Reduce the risk of sticking by rubbing a well-oiled paper towel (using tongs) directly over the rack. Do this prior to placing the meat on the grill.

• Light the coals and fire up the grill for 15 to 20 minutes before cooking. Doing so ensures a desirable sear on the exterior and moist interior while preventing food from sticking.

• When the meat is ready for the grill, continue using the "hands-off" approach when preparing. Allow the meat to sit undisturbed and unsliced for 10 to 15 minutes after cooking. As a general rule, the bigger the piece of meat, the longer the rest time. Resting the meat is an important key to juicy results.

Explore Your Spice Collection

Beef up boring burgers with some spice! Add a bunch of flavor with just a little sprinkling of spices and herbs based on your personal preference. Some like it spicy with chili powders, cumin, and cilantro, while others prefer more Mediterranean combinations (like oregano plus pepper). 

Don’t Limit Yourself to Dinner

Dinner isn’t the only dish that can be grilled… Combine grilled meats with salad greens for lunch. Or, if you fancy dessert, make fruit kabobs or grilled watermelon to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

Remember, Safety First

While grilling can certainly be filled with fun, nothing ruins a good time like someone getting sick. Always ensure you know and teach safety around the heating elements of the grill. 

Also, regularly reference proper internal temperatures based on the meats you are cooking, and use a food thermometer to be sure. 

Go-To Grilling Recipes Anyone Can Master

So, where to start? The following recipes are great for beginners who want healthy, doable recipes for just a couple or a crowd. 

BBQ Grilled Chicken

Perfectly grilled BBQ chicken is, in fact, attainable. Achieve delicious results every single time with a recipe that only requires five ingredients. The addition of simple seasonings and olive oil (hello “healthy” fats) means this meal can probably be made with things you already have at home. 

Grilled Vegetables

Flavorless vegetables? No, thank you! Grilling vegetables can be a great way to spice up a side dish that is boring otherwise. With a few simple seasonings, elevate your veggies and increase the flavor. 

Grilled Potatoes

Is there anything potatoes can’t do? This beloved food can also take a grilled form that only has about 160 calories per serving. With under 10 ingredients and some simple equipment, glorious grilled potatoes will blow your mind. 

Grilled Chicken Pesto

Interested in taking it up a notch? Boast your BBQ prowess with this simple meal. Grilled chicken pesto requires a 10-minute marinade and can be made in under an hour. Really, it is perfect for elevated outdoor dining!

A Final Word On Firing Up The Grill 

If it seems like everyone but you is a master at grilling food, be patient with yourself and remember that you can learn a couple of key skills. 

You'll impress guests in no time as you learn how to select the healthiest meats, seasonings, and sides for your BBQ menu. There’s no time like the present to get the grill going! 


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